Date: 23rd April 2016 at 8:52am
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After the Sunderland game I wrote, amongst other things, that it seemed to me that Norwich would now win two wins and a draw from their final four games to stand a chance of staying in the Premier League, which would leave them on 38 points.

With Arsenal away, followed by Manchester United and Watford at home and then a season finale away at Everton, it looks quite tough – at least on paper.

Talking to the EDP this week, Alex Neil agrees with my suggested points tally:

‘Like anything when you are four points clear you have that added extra confidence and belief it will be enough. When that goes down to one point you start to think, right we need to get our finger out here a bit,” said Neil. “It looks like it is going all the way now. There are huge amounts to play for and certainly the points tally, with limited games left, you feel it is going to go right to the end.

“Obviously playing Arsenal away at the Emirates is tough but we need to try and take something and then we have two at home and we have to target them and Everton away, whose home record is not great. People can talk about the points we need, but two wins and a draw from where we are, I think that will be enough. It is about us. I look at the four games we have got and think we need to win some of those, not who has got who elsewhere.”

“We have four games to save our season and we need to win some of them,” he said. “Over the course of the season we have tried different things to change it but really it is on the day and your players making good decisions.

“We have done bonding trips, we have done everything you care to think of and there is no correlation between bonding trips and winning. I think having the break is a good thing, in the sense we are not automatically now straight into the next one, which might help us.”

Bonding and resting is fine and I think to a certain extent, it’s not going to do you any harm to take a warm weather training session mid-season if you can fit one in. On the other hand, Claudio Ranieri just gave his squad the week off and it hasn’t hurt them much either.

The bottom line, and we all know this, is that our squad is not good enough to be playing at the required standard week in, week out, to produce the sort of performances needed to stay up comfortably.

You need to get your finger out, Alex.


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