Date: 26th April 2016 at 4:09pm
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If you’re going to The Emirates Stadium on Saturday to watch the Glorious Canaries take on Arsenal, then the atmosphere may be a little troubled.

Not from a Norwich point of view you understand but from the home supporters, who are being encouraged to unite behind the ‘Time For Change’ banner.

Arsenal fans are being encouraged to make their discontent with the current regime known by holding up the banner ‘Time For Change` during the home match against Norwich City.

The protest stops short of demanding that Arsene Wenger resign but it is designed to express the fans’ annoyance at things both on and off the field. Poor recent results have seen many Arsenal fans I know, disgusted at the way an opportunity to win the Premier League, arguably their best chance for many years, has been squandered. Add that to extortionate ticket prices and general upset with the board of directors and you’ve got a recipe for an ugly atmosphere – something that won’t do the Canaries any harm.

“It’s pretty clear that things aren’t right at Arsenal,” reads a statement by the fan group Red Action. “Fans are fighting each other over what exactly is wrong and who is to blame – but it’s clear that we are in a rut, and that something needs to change. Lots of people have opinions on how fans can make our voices heard. At Saturday’s game against Norwich, we are calling on fans to send a co-ordinated message – together we are stronger.

‘If you don’t like what the sign below says, make and print your own, and hold that up instead. Apathy achieves nothing – and talk is cheap in the pub and on the internet – we need fans to get involved. Something is wrong at our club – and only change will unite the fanbase again.”

The game is a 45,000 sell out but thousands of Arsenal fans didn’t bother to show up for the most recent home game against West Brom and that was reportedly a sell out too.

Asked whether he had a message for those absent fans, Wenger said: “To come and support the team. If you love football, you go out there and I think you see quality football. It`s what we try to give to our people.”

The plan is for the banners to be held up after 12 minutes and then again 12 minutes before the end, presumably because the Gunners haven’t won the league for twelve years.

If you’re going, enjoy your day out and let’s hope this means that the crowd get on the home team’s back if City start well, ‘IF’ being the operative word.


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