Date: 18th May 2017 at 12:00pm
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I read a tweet from Gary Gowers (My Football Writer) this morning, in which he said he felt a little bit out of it, as he had no idea who the new Head Coach of Norwich City was going to be and that he definitely wasn’t ‘in the know.’

I replied that I know how he feels.

There’s been a lot of talk in the media about a German Head Coach and that would tie in with what a friend of mine heard from Stuart Webber in person, a couple of weeks ago.

Webber said that German coaching methods and coaches in general were the best in the world at the moment, so it would seem a sensible place to be looking. Language shouldn’t be a problem as most Germans speak English these days, putting our schools to shame as well.

This morning it is being reported by the EDP

that betting has been suspended on Jens Keller becoming the Head Coach at Norwich City.

Last week, Mr Webber stuck to his ‘end of May’ timeline in interviews with the press and interestingly, Keller is about to end the season in Germany with Bundesliga 2 side, FC Union Berlin, with their final game at the weekend.

Keller made a name for himself as Head Coach at Schalke in 2012-14, guiding them to the knockout stages of the Champions League in both seasons.

Could it be that Jens Keller is our man?

Who knows, I certainly don’t. He sounds as though he has the right pedigree though.



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  • He certainly fits the remit set by Webber and would be fresh approach and with a bit rod pedigree. Certainly an improvement on others mentioned

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