Date: 31st January 2017 at 6:45pm
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Sunderland manager David Moyes says that it’s nonsense that he has only been trying to sign players that he knows – mostly from his Everton days in the form of Lescott, Oviedo and Gibson and he cited Robbie Brady as an example of a player he tried to get.

“I`ve tried for one or two others, so to say I`m only going for players I know is not true,” said Moyes, who is also working again with Jack Rodwell, reports The Irish Independent

‘It`s actually the players who have been available and have said, “Yeah, I`ll have a go at that”.

“We tried for the boy at Norwich (Robbie Brady) and he said ‘no’. There were others as well, but people have said ‘no’.’

I would’ve been staggered if Brady had said ‘Yes’ to Sunderland who look dead certs to be one of the three clubs to be relegated this season. They’ve been on the verge of it for the last three years, just like Aston Villa had been before they finally succumbed to relegation.

Assuming Robbie Brady does go to Burnley, I think he’ll have made a much wiser choice.


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