Date: 10th July 2017 at 7:08am
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After an impressive first season in the Championship, Jacob Murphy seemingly has a host of Premier league clubs ready to write a cheque to Norwich City for his services.

Newcastle seem to be leading the race, as the Mirror reports that Rafa Benitez is keen to finalise an £8.5 million deal in a story previously covered by Tuckster – this seems rather low to me.

Interest in Jacob seemed to spike after his good performances in the Under 21 European Championships in Poland, and it is not clear if Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke would be willing to part ways with such a promising player.

On the other hand, his brother Josh seems to have him covered of late at Norwich City, as he is featuring heavily in preseason, and he also showed promising signs of development at the end of the previous season.

Let`s not forget that not so long ago Josh was deemed to be flying higher than his brother. It would be interesting to know what the new recruitment team has in it’s sights and how do they view the potential of both brothers?

From what I have gathered, Jacob seems to have better defensive awareness than Josh, but offensively speaking they have very similar traits.

Personally, I would not like Jacob to leave this summer, as I think the Jacob/Josh tandem worked out quite well last season although, apparently neither of them seem ready to play a 46 match full Championship season yet.

Nevertheless, if we do gain a big bucket of fresh cash – at least around £15 million – for one of the brothers, and we get to keep and develop the other, it doesn`t sound such a bad business deal for the club, to me.

Let`s not forget that at this same time a year ago there was much speculation on the ability they would both have to break into the first team.

Also, apart from the bright lights of Jacob`s breakout season, towards the final two months he looked quite fatigued and seemed to have trouble to get into the same frequency as the rest of the team – hence, the reason Alan Irvine decided to give more playing time to Josh.

Don`t get me wrong, no fan likes to see any home grown players go. But again, it`s not a common scenario when a team has two similarly gifted twins playing in similar positions.

There seems, during the last couple of days to be a lot of “vultures” circling our most prized assets. Let`s see what Mr. Webber has to say about it, and hopefully if we do sell, we do it wisely.


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3 Replies to “Could Selling Jacob Murphy Be Good For Norwich?”

  • In a word NO.
    Focus hard on getting shot of the players who have failed us twice over
    and although very hard to achieve try to sell Jermissome, Jarvis and Tettey and use the money to
    help keep our long term assets.

  • I would think this whole scenario has more to do with Jacob’s agent than anything else. Can anyone, honestly, say Webber would have valued him at £8M? Not a chance. In May, he was quoted as saying “At that point we have to be realistic. If a top 10 Premier League club come for one of our players and offer us £20m no-one is stupid enough to say we can turn that down”. He also said, in the same interview “The benefit is with a Pritchard or the Murphys they are under long contracts so we are in a strong position.”. If I were Jacob, I would be sacking my agent. You don’t need people like this representing you. Everything he’s wanted, he now has. Why waste it?

  • Agree with Drayton. Also, I recall a certainly Mr Bellamy going for £8.5m nearly 20 years ago…anything below double that figure would be an absolutely dreadful deal based on today’s market.

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