Date: 12th November 2008 at 2:42pm
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Joint-majority shareholder Delia Smith confirmed last night what many have suspected since the summer – there never was a formal offer from the ‘King of Deals’ Peter Cullum.

Speaking at the club’s annual general meeting, she said:

‘Last summer when we were not allowed to speak to our supporters was an extremely difficult time. The reason we couldn’t speak to you was because we didn’t want to compromise an offer that might come along. At that time we did not receive an offer but we didn’t want to compromise one because it would have been such a fantastic thing for our football club.

‘We didn’t receive an offer and we haven’t received one since and unfortunately we have received a communication in writing that there will not be an offer. We are very sad and sorry about it.

‘We believe that Mr. Cullum had the best of intentions but the problems of the financial crisis embracing football for any club outside of the Premiership are very difficult. Without paying a penny to shareholders – including ourselves – the ongoing financial commitment of any owner is very hazardous indeed.’

Whilst stressing that both herself and husband Michael Wynn Jones are fully committed to the Canary cause, Delia confirmed that they had enlisted the help of former Football League chairman and current chairman of merchant bank Seymour Pierce Keith Harris, to try and bring in some fresh investment, saying:

‘We haven’t been idle since we heard there wasn’t going to be an offer. We are exploring many ways of trying to raise funds and we’ve been to see a firm of London accountants and spoken to a gentleman called Keith Harris.

‘We have instructed him to do his best to find new investment for Norwich City. This is not the best economic climate for that to be forthcoming but want to let you know we are doing all we can.

‘On a positive and realistic note that while the financial position of the football is dire – like most clubs outside the Premiership – Norwich City is more stable than most. Although the fires that we have been fighting for the last 12 years show no signs of abating we are happy to keep on fighting those fires with any means that we have.’

All quotes courtesy of EDP Sport