Date: 4th May 2009 at 9:55pm
Written by: Drayton Green

Firstly the support was terrific. There were loads of empty red seats and no singing from Charlton fans at all. We could have easily been given half or one length of the pitch stand.

Plymouth scored and the fans started cheering, Doc turned round and threw his fist in the air. The players responded by giving away a soft goal. In my opinion Shackell has been playing with an injury and in any case is not a left back so the goal for once came from a cross from oppositions right wing.

Charlton crowd began to sing a bit, we sang over the top of them.

Cue the next goal. Another mistake by the poor Marshall. This lead to ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ and other such songs. The team were clearly shocked and played even worse.

Gunny changed the team around to what it should have been from the start with Lappin at left back, Shacks at centre half and Leijer walking off in a huff – probably straight back to Fulham.

At this point the fans were singing ‘take off Otsemobor’ who looked nervous and totally shot to bits. He stayed on.

When the third goal went in the fans sang a few more songs against the players and the board but the atmosphere was one of shock and horror. The pathetic Charlton support could finally be heard.

We scored. I did not celebrate and the players trooped off despondently.

Second half and players appeared to try a bit harder but as usual gave away another goal.

Realising the game was over and relegation assured the fans began to get behind the team again and they appeared to try harder and had a good spell ending up with a goal and a couple of missed chances.

Both sets of fans were by then singing ‘stand up if you’re going down’. I was getting annoyed off with another useless ref just to have something to concentrate on.

Sack the board was sung occasionally but as far as I was concerned there was a mixture of fans against the board/team and those blindly supporting the rubbish being dished up so neither really came across strongly enough.

We moved to the back at end of game and walked away on the final whistle. The train was in station and stayed there for 10 minutes and was virtually empty as it pulled away so I presume most fans stayed. In my opinion if the shelf life shot had gone in instead of hitting the bar to make it 5-2 just before the end the best reaction would have been for all the fans to walk away in silence before the end. Instead I presume there was the clapping of failure for yesterday’s no show and the entire gutless season.

That is why the board will never do anything.

Player Ratings

David Marshall
Poor. Stayed on his line, missed corners and made the mistake leading to second goal. Ironically jeered when actually catching a cross and kicking straight for once.

Jon Otsemobor
No confidence. Has lost it. Jeered and hated by fans.

Gary Doherty
Attempted to raise spirits and played ok.

Jason Shackell
Injured and played out of position. When put at CB was ok but is playing with hamstring injury. We need him.

Simon Lappin
Played ok and was better at left back.

Korey Smith
Excellent. He was always looking to pass the ball on the ground but struggled to find anybody looking for it. Showed a maturity beyond his years and IMO based on this the youth team must play better football than first team.

Darel Russell
Poor and not motivated.

Sammy Clingan
Did ok. In second half played well for a time.

David Mooney
Not impressed by him in this game but no service.

Alan Lee
The ball was launched to him but he did not get the better of a big CB. In my opinion we need to sign a taller big target man or play on the ground.

Cody McDonald
Did very well. The future of the club. No doubt on this one.

So to sum up
So for me we will only see Doherty, Lappin and Mac next season from permanent players on show yesterday.

On a personal note we had a train journey of 3 1/2 hurs due to coaches, breakfast and beer at Tower Hill, a quick couple at London Bridge pub , a few more after game at London Bridge pub, a few more at Kings Cross, beers and curry in Cambridge and train home arriving at Norwich about 11 pm. Lift home.

Total cost of day out: £100 ( more than season ticket rebate ).

To sum up a good day out once again ruined by a total no show but too many supporters not making feelings known to the board by clapping failure at the end.

Supporters 9 out of 10.

Players 2 out of 10.