Date: 25th January 2014 at 8:24am
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The recent uproar around Aston Villa’s interest in Wes Hoolahan, coupled with the player’s own transfer request has been a massive talking point among Norwich fans for several weeks now.

But would we, as the fans, actually want to keep the little Irish wizard?

Well, it seems that the readers of Vital Norwich would let him go.

We’ve been running a poll on the site for the last few days with the following question:

Would you sell Wes Hoolahan?

The answer options were as follows:

Yes – 40%

No – 19%

Yes, but not to Aston Villa – 41%

So, it seems pretty clear with 81% willing to let him go and 41% not wanting to sell him to Villa.

We all know that Wes is the most skilful player at the club, but if you’re not going to play him, what’s the point of forcing him to stay?

As I wrote the other day, I think the similarities are there with what Juan Mata has been going through at Chelsea. He’s a great player but just doesn’t fit into his manager’s system and it’s the same with Wes.

Both Hughton and Mourinho prefer strong, athletic midfield players who can also pass the ball, for example Leroy Fer and Nemanja Matic – have you seen the size of the new Chelsea signing? He’s a big lad.

There is a trend in modern football for these types of players and Jermain Defoe, although obviously playing a different position, suffered under AVB because his manager wanted a bigger man in his position because he wanted to play a lone striker. Even when AVB had gone, the first thing Tim Sherwood did was to recall Emanuel Adebayor.

It depends what fee is being offered. £750k is a joke of an offer, but with Wes being 32 now, £2-3m seems a bit more realistic. I’m one of those who would let him go but not to Villa – or any other direct rival either.

Chelsea are selling Mata when they have played Man United and have taken 4 points from them. He will not be able to help United take points directly from Mourinho’s men but he’ll be able to perhaps damage other title contenders chances and it’s clear with the number of points between them, that United are not rivalling Chelsea for the title this year.

I fancy that Mourinho wouldn’t sanction the sale if his side still had to play United and United were in Arsenal’s current league position.

So, coming back to Wes, the situation is not unlike that with Mata but we still have to go to Villa Park and if Hoolahan had a stormer and kept The Villains up and we went down as a direct result then Hughton and McNally would be vilified.

So what to do? It all depends on the offer and who it’s from in my opinion. The reality is that only teams in the bottom half of the Premier League would be looking at him and it depends on whether or not David McNally considers the offer to be from a direct rival and according to Mick Dennis, that is the case with Villa – I agree with that, we are in the same boat as them, both fighting to stay up as are nine other teams in this season’s Premier League.

This is not a Villa bashing article, I’m just trying to offer a little perspective on the whole thing rather than a blanket ‘Don’t sell to Villa!’

Like many, I actually don’t really dislike Villa and can understand why they moved for Lambert at that time. The way Lambert handled himself was the problem at our end and the City board know more about what he said at the time than I ever will. David McNally repeated last week that Lambert ‘walked out’ on us and if I was in his shoes, I’m sure I’d feel the same. It’s clearly personal between those two men and that my friends, is life. It happens.

If you fall out badly with someone you used to trust then why would you help him out?

Sorry, too much Lambert/Villa stuff.

Anyway that’s my opinion on Wes, what’s yours?