Date: 3rd April 2019 at 7:00am
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There’s so much to consider at the moment if you’re a Norwich City fan – fortunately.

The general state of the country has had me desperate for distractions. I’ve been making a conscious effort not to watch the news as much as I normally do because Britain today is just very depressing. It’s a long way from being Great Britain anymore.

Fortunately, we have the Canaries to keep us in good spirits. I’ve decided to concentrate on my family, sport, music and general escapism until this whole Brexit debacle blows over and the incredible rise of Norwich City this season is just the tonic I need.

I’ve heard a few people I know talking about how this whole Brexit thing is actually making them feel depressed and I can relate to that. A couple of months ago, I felt a weight on me. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was getting me down but then it dawned on me. It was Brexit and the constant bickering and apparent lack of common sense on all sides that was getting me down and which I was being exposed to on a daily basis.

I’m not an overly political person but the current malaise was/is driving me nuts. I don’t think there’s a politician on either of the two main parties that I feel I could vote for at the moment. They’re all self serving glory hunters, many of them are also millionaires and will be the least effected of our people by the divorce from Europe.

I was watching the news a lot and it never crossed my mind that I could feel like that but I did. Once I realised though, I started to concentrate on other things, things that I enjoyed and that gave me pleasure and the weight lifted. Simple pleasures and one of those is my football team.

Last summer, I think that most of us in the Canary Nation would’ve snatched a hand off for a top six finish if it was offered, let alone a top two finish or, whisper it, a Championship title winning finish and yet, that’s what we’re looking at.

I’ve said for a while that 90 points should be enough for promotion and with 81 points already accrued, three more wins will hopefully see us over the line. We’re five points clear of second and seven clear of third place. It’s truly ours to lose and with two home games against QPR and Reading and then an away date at Wigan to come in our next three games, it could be done in those games.

As I say, there’s a lot to consider at the moment and I find my mind wandering to some of these things whilst I’m out walking my dog, Winston.

For instance, who will our recruitment team turn to for next season, assuming that we get promoted? There are bound to be loads of links to players both at home and abroad with German links easy to come by for the media outlets.

A few of them are already surfacing and that superstar of Norwich transfer gossip on Twitter, Cory @iwritethings23 has news of Norwich scouts at tonight’s Hadjuk Split v Dinamo Zagreb game in Croatia for you.

Then we’ve got the issue of picking a player of the season from a squad that has so many standout performers.

Who’s going to be picking up the Barry Butler Memorial Trophy? Who’s got your vote?

Last season, James Maddison was the logical and obvious pick but this time around, I’m struggling for an obvious choice.

You can make a case for lots of different players.

Teemu Pukki has 24 goals and 9 assists and those figures alone make him a compelling argument for votes. However, the magic feet of Emiliano Buendia have been a joy to watch too. Max Aarons has been, literally, a sensation, a surprise package if ever there was one.

Onel Hernandez, Marco Stieprmann, Tom Trybull, Mario Vrancic, they’ve all been brilliant and then there’s Christoph Zimmermann.

Zimbo has Captained the side more often that not and has become a superb leader of men. The last five minutes at Middlesbrough had him organising, cajoling and supporting his team mates. Urging them to dig in for that last effort to see the team over the line.

I’ll stick my neck out and say that the top three will comprise of Pukki, Buendia and Zimmermann. However, I’ve got no idea what the order will be.

I note that Tottenham Hotspur will play their first game in the new White Hart Lane tonight and that’s another thing on my mind. Not just Spurs and their fast filling (plastic) pint glasses but the need to get to more away games next season, whichever league we are in.

My youngest son is now 13 and keeps badgering me to go to some away games. He’s at the right age for that now and the prospect of going to see City at some of those flash new Premier League stadiums is very appealing.

I often have to work weekends, so getting time off for home games tends to eat into holiday allowance but I’m going to do my best to make a few away days for a bit more father and son time. After all, making memories are what it’s all about.

In the meantime though, there’s the small matter of winning three football matches to focus on. Trust me, focus on Norwich and ignore what’s going on in Westminster and listen to a bit of Metallica, Foo Fighters, Springsteen or whatever music lifts you. It’s all helping me get through these troubled times and hopefully, my football team will be giving me something to smile about all summer.


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3 Replies to “Forget Westminster, Revel In Norwich City It’s Just The Distraction We All Need”

  • Great article Tuckster and I totally agree.
    As I work from home the radio is on a lot of the time and the sheer self indulgence and lack of attempt to agree on anything by the generally pathetic 650 MP’s was initially entertaining but has become frustrating and finally causing me to be so angry I have stopped listening to most of the news.

    One of the main reasons for the great success to date this season at Norwich is the overall team work of management, players and fans as what could be argued as lack of outstanding individuals has become surpassed by an incredible togetherness.
    Just a crazy thought. If 650 certain individuals became a team could they not defeat a larger and more powerful team ( made up of 27 clubs ! ).

    I am desperately hoping that the next 3 games are all City victories and that the league title is virtually sealed as I went to Boro away instead of Wigan and do not want away games at Stoke and Villa relying on wins as they will both be tough asks and I will unlikely to be at those games.
    As my away games this season are over ( unless Villa is crucial ) I am hoping for major promotion celebrations at home to Blackburn.

    Player of the season. It is important but not that important. The main prize is the league title to which all players will have earned and won.
    It really comes down to who the fans have as a favourite player based on personal opinions and as such I do not usually bother to vote.

    As for Norwich winning the title. ‘ The ayes have it, the ayes have it. ‘ Trap door for Binners. ‘ Unlock ‘

  • I have been avoiding the news for some time now , and feel so much better for it . I concentrate my time on my life where I live , supporting my team and generally trying to get as much out of life as I can .

    I am desparate for us to win promotion as soon as possible , not only for NC and the fans , but for me personally as ( maybe unwisely) I booked a holiday for May ,and I will be mid Atlantic to New York and back for the duration of the play-offs and won’t have a clue what will be going on in the UK !

    As for aways , my sad total will be two … Rotherham and Wigan . But supporting NC away is not that easy as when I was an exile and could easily get to at least 10 aways a season and was relatively near to many grounds , but at least if we go up there will a considerable amount of London games to go to .

    Finally ,my advice …. Forget Brexit , forget our selfish self centred MPs who have forgotten that they serve instead of rule . Concentrate on family , life and NCFC, and switch off the BBC News Channel and watch Cartoon
    Network instead ! You will feel better for it !
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    We are pure class !

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