Date: 18th May 2017 at 8:18am
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You may have read yesterday that Jonny Howson has been linked with a return to hometown club, Leeds United for a reported £4m.

My reaction to that, when I read it yesterday was one of disdain. Really? £4m for one of the best midfield players in the Championship, a player that is also proven as decent in the Premier League too.

Howson still has two years left on his contract and is worth a fair few pennies more than that derisory figure. It’s probably just a figure dreamt up by a hopeful Leeds fan in his bedroom.

That figure is as much money as Leeds have spent on a player since Robbie Fowler and Seth Johnson in 2001. However, the whites do have a new owner after the car crash of the last few years, under another Italian, Andrea RadrizzanI. It’s just possible that Radrizzani might want to start off his tenure with a marquee signing and bringing home one of their own might do the trick.

Every player has his price, Stuart Webber has alluded to that, so it’s not impossible that Howson will be sold by any means, if it suits the club. I would think though that in the current climate, Howson has to be worth at least double that figure, more likely £10-12m, really.

That opinion figure is based on his current contract length should he be sold this summer, the moment we get into 18-12 months then it starts to drop off dramatically.

Phil Hay, of the Yorkshire Evening Post

reckons that Leeds are currently denying any knowledge of interest in Howson and that’s about right, I reckon.

He’s such a good player that of course they would like to sign him, any Championship side would want Jonny Howson but wanting and being able to afford him are two different things.

Dare I suggest that Leeds’ squad could do with that £10 being spent more evenly rather than on just one player?

I’m not saying he won’t be sold, just not for a song. We are not having a fire sale and don’t need to either, the national media are a little too panicky on that front and way off the mark.



7 Replies to “Howson To Leeds For £4m? Do Me A Favour!”

  • Agreed, every player has a price and that includes our entire squad. Jonny Howson is one of our best players and I’d be amazed if he went to another championship team. A premier league club offering north of £10 million would have me worried.
    On the subject of stories I’m dubious over is this constant linking us with David Wagner, twice as dubious if Huddersfield win the playoffs and go up. I would really like the new head coach in place but I really don’t think he’s the man we’ll get. Time will tell soon I guess! OTBC

  • Yep, I really can’t see it being Wagner. His release clause is about £2m and if he gets to the PL then it’s a complete non-starter…

  • Not sure how anyone can say that he is one of the best midfielders in championship.
    Scoring record poor. Tackling non existent. Passing touchy. Consistency low.

  • Date u suggest the money could be spent elsewhere? 1 or 2 places true but we did ok from you lot this season with our ***** squad ?? 10 mill is dreaming and it’s well documented u lot need to sell before you can buy even your manager says so,,personally I would welcome him back but not for more than 4 mill,,, would rather take mooy,,,cairney for that dreamt up ten mill,,,oh and who says we can’t afford him with the new owner ??? Just a speculative fantasised story this where are your facts. What is fact is that no one knows anything about it not me nor you so why write nonsensical rubbish ? Based on the last season it is Norwich that could do with spending the money and not so much leeds MOT

  • Ooh, there’s a happy Leeds fan. “Well documented” eh? That’ll be the tabloid press then…

  • Being serious, every player has his price and a sale certainly isn’t out of the question but it will be a football decision. I just happen to think he’s worth quite a lot more than £4m. Two years left on his contract and one of the best Championship midfielders. I think I’m just being honest, not wearing yellow and green tinted glasses.

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