Join Us In The Forum

Join Us In The Forum

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Are you tired of the endless sniping and sometimes, abuse that a fan can get, simply by voicing their opinion on social media?

Bored of getting shouted down because you thought your favourite player had a good game, only to be told that you’re stupid?!

Well, there is another way, a more measured and friendly way of conversing with your fellow City fans.

Why not join us in the forum? You know you want to!

We have our 100% Norwich forum City Talk

The prediction league forum (join in!)

And for all other non-football talk, you can pass the time of day in Off Topic…

All opinions and points of view are welcome and nobody is going to use swear words that are generally only heard just before the first punch is thrown at around 3 am on Prince of Wales Road!

Get involved, you’d be more than welcome.


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