Date: 20th July 2017 at 4:08pm
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Since the news broke that Jacob Murphy was a target for Newcastle United, there has been much brouhaha among the Canary nation in the bear pits of social media.

First off, there was the disbelief among some fans that the club would even consider selling “one of our own.”

Well, it turns out that Jacob (and Josh for that matter) was actually a Newcastle fan as a youngster, cue baby pictures in Newcastle baby grow, which the Magpies made a big deal of when he signed. To be fair, it seems that there are some fairly strong connections to the North East, so why not?

Before a deal had even been struck, there was all sorts of nonsense being bandied about on Twitter, predominantly involving the use of the in vogue term for unfaithfulness “snake.”

I even saw that some chump had photo shopped Jacob`s head onto a picture of the said reptile.

Really?! Come on.

The situation is a common one that many football players and indeed sports men and women in all disciplines find themselves in, in the age we live in.

Jacob has been at Norwich with his brother since he was 11 and he`s come all the way through the academy and into the first team. He`s caught the eye of a big Premier league team, a team that on and off the pitch are bigger than City and they have made us an offer that we can`t refuse.

There will have then been a discussion between Jacob`s representatives over the financial package and that will obviously have been a big increase on what he`s on now and then, the deal is done to the satisfaction of all parties.

Except some fans of course who struggle deeply with the idea of loyalty.

The idea of loyalty in modern sports is just not a viable concept anymore.

Football is a short career though and you can`t blame a player for making hay when the sun shines. It is also inescapable that in the world of the Premier League where billions of pounds wash around the place that even the most average of players is on a sum incomprehensible to the average chap or chapess.

I recently read in the Sunday Times that Lionel Messi, a player who is more than arguably the greatest of all time, has just signed a new contract at Barcelona that will see him earn £1m a week. Ronaldo is on around £275k a week at Real Madrid but actually earns more overall due to commercial deals. This sounds incredible and ridiculous until you learn, that of Barcelona`s £560m income in 2016/17, Messi on his own is directly responsible due to commercial activities (shirt sales etc) for 20% of that £560m income – suddenly it makes sense that an employee who brings in that much income should be rewarded handsomely.

Now, I`m not suggesting that Murphy is in the Messi bracket at all, he`s currently nowhere near it and won`t bring in 20% of the Magpies` annual income BUT he will bring a certain value to Newcastle, who first and foremost hope he will help them stay in the League this season. He may or may not do that because Newcastle are paying a lot of the fee for the lad`s potential. Only time will tell on that score. If he scores the goal that keeps them in the league next May then he will have been worth his £12m fee.

At the much lower level of salary that Jacob is at compared to Messi, fans need to realise what has happened. His salary will almost certainly have been at least doubled (possibly more) with this move to Newcastle and the club will offer all sorts of other incentives. There will probably be a signing on fee as well as other performance related incentives for things such as appearances, goals scored, international call ups etc etc.

Newcastle may well have also paid his moving costs. Not so huge for a single lad but an older player would have wife and family to also consider. Footballers live in a bubble and clubs employ people to look after everything for them, from hotels to car insurance to arranging mobile phones. Former City player Phil Lythgoe is the “Player Liaison Officer” at Norwich and that is the sort of thing he sorts out.

I think that in reality, those who have called Jacob a “snake” should consider the following question.

If you were approached, I believe the term is “head hunted”, by another company in a similar line of work to that which you currently do (in Newcastle) and were told that if you joined that company then they would pay your moving costs, sort you and your family out with a lovely hotel as long as it took to find somewhere to live permanently (all expenses paid), took care of every little detail such as arranging and setting up all your utility bills, paid you a signing on fee of £100k and then tripled your current salary, would you consider it?

I`d not have to think too hard to say “Yes” I`d reckon, especially as (using the football analogy) that you could move somewhere else a bit nicer in 2-3 years if you did okay in the role – or even if you didn`t.

Football is business and footballers are employees. They do not have the same emotional attachment to a club that fans do and the financial incentives are enormous throughout the sport.

So, if you called Jacob a “snake” don`t try and kid the rest of us that you wouldn`t have done exactly the same if in his position, especially when your current club have told you “we`ve accepted an offer for you.”

Have a word with yourselves?


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18 Replies to “Lay Off Jacob Murphy”

  • Sorry Tuckster but totally disagree with most of that.
    I for one could earn a lot more and work over 5 times the hours a week of a footballer
    for a fraction of the pay despite doing a 7 year long course to qualify whilst earning virtually nothing.
    I have pride in working on School projects and Disabled people for much less pay than rich people such as footballers with hideous taste and would never sell out to do tacky tasteless design for footballers with a lot of money but no idea aesthetics.
    My youngest daughter is same age as Kaa : ) has worked more in last 7 years than he will do in his entire career and is about about 10 times more talented at her profession than he is yet now owes £ 50 k in loans and is looking at a job at about £ 20 k in London.

    Shame on you for even thinking the total bollox of ‘ short career ‘.
    I hope he fails and newcastle get relegated.Both think they are better than they actually are.

  • It’s all about opinions. My point really is that a lot of people in a similar scenario to Jacob would’ve moved jobs. The example of Messi is sound I believe, as it shows the worth of a high performing employee. He is of course the exception but no different to a worker who brings in big money in the world of, say, finance. Like it or not, professional sports men & women have abilities that very few do, whether that be football, athletics or motor racing etc. Sport is big business and the best get paid the most, the same in any walk of life. I work late by hours for a fair wage but accept that there are a lot more people capable of doing my job than I am of being a professional sportsman. The argument over PL money is too long for a comment box but it is what it is…

  • My point is that I have been offered more money to work on projects I do not believe in and earn less working on projects for worthwhile causes such as disabled people’s adaptions who have a maximum grant of £ 30 k to have facilities for problems not their own fault, as oppose to creating hideous tasteless footballers mansions.
    I would compare that to not moving to a rich club for more wages.

    The fact that unintelligent young men earn more in a week than is available for a grant for severally disabled people to have a bedroom and bedroom makes me sick.
    They have no morals and I do. Do not tar me with the same brush as these greedy footballers.

  • So sorry if you’ve taken that as what I was saying. Absolutely not! Your stance on that is great and I can only applaud it. I work in the private sector and am basically serving the public so I know exactly what you mean. The money footballers earn is obscene when compared to normal people but we can’t deny that it is a business and if those businesses weren’t making money then they wouldn’t pay those wages. Football has changed in our lifetimes drastically and not always for the better – I’m not saying their salaries are right, just that I can understand how young men with that ability are sucked in to such things. You’re my regular man, didn’t want to upset you 🙁

  • I’m with DG there too. The inevitable consequence of one having far too much is many having far too little. It was interesting reading the comments of the captain of our next tour opponents. He was approached by Norwich, but turned down what for him would have been a significant financial benefit. “There is more to life than money,” he said. So, there are values still present in the game, though they are few and far between.

  • Not upset at all Tuckster. I take your points but is a subject close to my heart.
    I appreciate that football is in a world defying financial logic and I still support it by paying to watch it according to Mrs DG who is an ex ST holder for her home town club. she now hates the game.
    I blame sky and now BT sports. All the extra money coming in is going to the players and agents whilst even large clubs are in debt and the smaller ones are going out of business.
    One argument is that the wages are high as the money is there to pay them but IMO it is not as all clubs are running on less than empty.

    I really do despair for my daughters who worked to hard to get excellent qualifications and are still
    hovering above minimum wage whilst footballers are obscenely over paid.

    I may be vindictive but I want Murphy and Newcastle to fail and if they get relegated it will be down to them both believing themselves to be far better than they actually are.

  • Am I the only one disappointed to read that a grown man hopes that a 21/22 year old lad “fails” dear oh dear! I know we are all allowed an opinion but it’s not Jacob Murphy’s fault that footballers earn silly money. I just find comments like that really sad and are exactly what’s wrong with social media and forums these days. To describe him as unintelligent! Really! How do you even know that! Do you know him personally? Just stinks of keyboard warrior!

  • I’m all for opinions but not ignorant offensive ones. No doubt you will say you have been supporting the club for 50 years and can say what you like. If someone was to post on social media about your family and say they hope a family member fails and is unintelligent I am sure you would be the first to complain.

  • 4
    Am I the only one disappointed to read that a grown man hopes that a 21/22 year old lad “fails” dear oh dear! I know we are all allowed an opinion but it’s not Jacob Murphy’s fault that footballers earn silly money. I just find comments like that really sad and are exactly what’s wrong with social media and forums these days. To describe him as unintelligent! Really! How do you even know that! Do you know him personally? Just stinks of keyboard warrior!

    What part of this is not Ignorant and Insulting ?

  • Sorry I just find someone calling someone that they do not know “unintelligent” and hoping that they fail in their career quite offensive. Let’s just move on. I don’t ever comment in forums and there’s probably a reason for that!

  • I would hardly describe DG as a keyboard warrior . Do you know him personally ?
    I , just like DG , wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to all things NCFC . I only hold an interest in all things Norwich . I no longer have any interest in Murphy or his beloved Newcastle . Football fans are a passionate and partisan lot and I find footballers of ours who declare a love for another club and wish to play for them rather distasteful . I feel the same about Murphy as I did about Robert Fleck who declared to fans like me who adored him that he would to London so he could play for Chelsea.

    The arguement of being so concerned about the short career of a footballer makes me very angry . These are very rich men , and in the case of Murphy, by the time he is 35 will be multi millionaire and will be able to live a life on untold luxury from his retirement age of 35 .Perhaps it would be wiser to be more concerned about the masses of population flogging their guts out in factories , bars , resturants , shops and buses , who have recieved the news this weeks that than will have to continue working until they are 68 , with the possibility of the under 40s working until they are 70.

    I agree wholehearedly with DG about the point of loyalty . Footballers need to understand who their ‘customers’ are . We fans are fiercely loyal to our clubs . We are not like Tesco customers who will go to Morrisons on a whim. If Murphy cannot grasp that basic fact , then there maybe some truth in DGs statement that questions Murphys intelligence !

    Lastly , I have always found Vital a forum where we may dis-agree , but not one where we insult each other , so I was so very sorry to hear the ‘keyboard warrior’ cliche applied to DG . I know DG very well . He is a season ticket holder for many years , and like me (and with me ) has spent his last penny on following NCFC at so many aways . Murphy would have been well advised to talk to DG and Darren Huckerby about loyalty and how he should have dealt with it during his transfer

    Lets not fall out withh each other over this greedy young man who is now employed by another club who I havent the slighest interest in !

  • I also agree with Tucksters article and am not remotely surprised by the concept that a person who perceives a better opportunity for his career in any field moves on. I believe that we should thank Jacob Murphy for his efforts whilst at NCFC bid him farewell and get on with supporting the players who will be playing for NCFC this season.
    In response to Yellowbelly it is admirable that you spring to the defence of your long time friend. You chide ?Ncfcessex? for referring to DG as a keyboard warrior as you deem that to be insulting. I must have missed your forum response to DG for insulting comments such as referring to footballers as ?unintelligent young men? or his reply to ?Ncfcessex? which read ?Pathetic predictable comment?. You ask if Ncfcessex knows DG personally. Did you ask DG if he knows Murphy or any of the NCFC players personally when he has made his derogatory comments about them using puerile schoolboy names such as Ditherans or Neighsmith?
    I am sure you consider the DG you know to be worthy of your support. However the DG that appears on the forum pages is usually the first to the table with personal insults. He comes across as rude, offensive and by his own admission in his latest outburst vindictive. I have crossed swords with DG before and as I disagreed with his comments he saw fit to state that I ?must be slow? At that point I had not insulted him or anyone but he saw fit to insult me. Again I must have missed your public response to a forum user insulting someone they do not know.
    I wonder how DG would react if a forum user were to say that they hoped one of his youngsters ?failed? in their careers a comment I would ever condone. I for one would consider that to be completely unacceptable stepping way over the mark of reasonable, rational discussion but perhaps not everyone shares my opinion
    By all means you should feel free to support your friends but maybe a bit of balance in your public comments would be the way to go.
    I think it was Voltaire who was credited with the quote ? I disagree with what you say but I would defend to the death your right to say it?. I am sure a bit of tolerance on all sides of a discussion would be welcome.
    For the 2017/18 season we should move on from discussing the players who have left us, look forward to the promise of a new season, enjoy watching the Canaries and hope we are good enough to get promotion…….. Oh and let’s all cut out the personal insults they do nothing to enhance ones comments or the forum.

  • My apologies for any offense caused by my typing error. My comment regarding people failing in their career should have read “a comment I would NEVER condone” Again apologies for the typing error and any offence caused by it.

  • Bernie. Thank your continued support of this forum and valuable contribution especially as overcoming the issues with my rude and vindictive posts which previously lead to your announcement that you would not be returning to Norwich Vital again.

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