Date: 16th November 2017 at 7:22am
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So, last week I was just minding my own business when I got an email from a lady called Samantha, asking me if I`d like to be a guest on the Pink ‘Un show with a list of dates to choose from.

I`m nothing if not spontaneous and so I opted for the first available date, which was last night at the Coach & Horses On Thorpe Road.

I`ve been a guest on the old Mustard TV show “Three Up Front” before and this new format is basically the same but now live streamed on YouTube from a pub with a pint and still fronted by Michael Bailey and his beard.

My 11 year old son, Callum is Norwich City mad, football in general really and desperately wanted to come along. If it had been possible, he`d have loved to have sat next to me and fielded questions. He was quite miffed when I had to break it to him that he`d have to sit and watch from the other side of the camera.

The other panelists were Norwich fan Jamie Saunders and Steve Pond from the Norwich Press Agency.

Never met them before but both were a nice couple of chaps although clearly a professional, Steve was busy making notes on the script before we started. Jamie and I looked at each other and decided that we`d just wing it.

I remember the first time that I did Mustard TV, I was pretty nervous. It was in an actual TV studio in the bowels of the Archant building at the top of Rouen Road. Having done it a few times though, coupled with the setting of a pub, it`s a lot less formal than before and just as fun.

Michael runs the show and is a consummate professional, flustered by literally nothing, not even the technical problems that meant that the “live stream” was just buffering, or the speaker, which was echoing to his left.

Yes, he`s working to a script but watching him prepare, he just read it our loud to himself about ten minutes before we started and then he was off. I`m sure that there is an element of just getting on with it or “winging it” as Jamie and I preferred to call it but he does it very well.

There are various gaps in the script for video clips, interspersed with chat and questions about various Norwich City related topics, there was also a beer mat flipping challenge that Steve abstained from, leaving Jamie and I to duke it out.

Luckily, with my family watching, I won 😉

Michael also takes his microphone round the pub and he asked some of the people watching a few questions, including Callum – he absolutely loved it and said afterwards that he wanted to go again, so it looks like we might be going to The Fat Cat & Canary in the coming weeks for a watching brief in the crowd.

Thanks to Michael and the crew for a fun night.

If you`ve never watched it before then I`d recommend that you give it a go, either live on the night (technical issues withstanding), or at your leisure.

It`s on YouTube, live streaming at 7pm on Wednesday evenings or just search The Pink ‘Un in the search bar.

You can watch my episode here


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