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Right then, let’s get straight to the point. Last night I, and by that I mean The Tuckster, got into a rather unseemly Twitter spat with “ExFleet St hack & broadcaster” Mick Dennis.

It went on for quite a while and started in the afternoon after I posted the article Report Suggests Norwich Have Paid €17m For Senegalese Striker.

I posted a link to the article on the @VitalNorwich twitter account and this then triggered the following response from Mick Dennis.

If you read Vital Norwich regularly then you’ll know that I never claim to be in the know but I do have a few angles around the club and get to hear a few bits and pieces. Some of those I report, others I don’t because I always have Norwich City’s best interests at heart. That’s because I am a fully paid up member of the Canary nation and have been for over forty years.

VN, if you’re here regularly you’ll know, is not full of cut n paste merchants and is about so much more than that.

For the record, the article that triggered Mick contains a link to a Turkish media outlet which claims Norwich have agreed to buy Senegalese Striker Mbaye Diagne for €17m.

Yes, seventeen million euros.

I know, it seems a bit rich to me too but as I wrote in the article, I’m willing to be proved wrong. Diagne looks seriously impressive, on paper by the way.

Anyway, back to the spat, I was immediately supported by members of the Canary Twitterati and for that, I’m grateful.

And then it went on a bit…

Joe Ferrari is Director of Communications at Norwich City, by the way.

And so it went on…

The bottom line here is that I’m writing about my football club and helping to facilitate a discussion, a meeting of fans. Whether it be on the front page and it’s articles or on the forum.

I have a full-time job and this is a hobby. I enjoy writing and I love my football club so it’s an easy thing for me to write about. I feel part of a community of Canary fans and I love that.

If you can be bothered, feel free to have a root about on Twitter and see the full extent of what he said, what I said and what everyone else said.

To those that came to my support, thank you, it means the world and I am very grateful.

By the way, I haven’t been able to publish the whole chat back and forth because it went via several different threads and there is just too much to it, besides, I wouldn’t want to be accused of cutting and pasting anything…


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13 Replies to “Mick Dennis And Vital Norwich In Unseemly Twitter Spat”

  • Tuckster.
    I am not on twitter so was unaware of this argument until reading the article this morning.
    I am 100 % behind you on this as like everybody else on NV, appreciate the hard work and great articles you write on this forum.
    It always has contained friendly and humorous banter between regular posters but since you have taken over the job of editor the articles have improved immensely to be both informative with the feel of a personal involvement to the club you love and support.
    I read them all and not only learn what is going on but enjoy the personal side as we all have emotional links with NCFC and it is good to hear other fans involvement and feelings.

    Those on NV who know me well will maybe recall my long standing annoyance with Dennis who is not only an overrated average hack but is tediously annoying with his constant ‘ Cannot watch many Norwich games due to job excuses but considers himself to be a hero on the rare occasion he does actually watch us play ‘
    One specific annoying occasion is when he described a few peaceful demonstrating fans in Carrow Road after a game as a mob and how the children of a manager ( Worthington ? ) had to escape out of rear exits in a car to escape such a horrifying experience. This typified his poor journalism skills often being used in an attempt to get closer to the owners and directors where he considers himself part of the inner circle but in reality is the annoying outsider who people humour but do not want to speak to.

    I am impressed with your responses and support from true fans to this totally unprovoked attack from an average journalist who does not reach your standards even though doing this as a hobby whilst holding down a full time job.

    I would say Menace 0 Tuckster 3.

  • Cheers, DG. Thank you for your kind words. It all got a bit heated after imo Mick took a cheap shot before eventually admitting he never read the site or its articles. As I pointed out, I’ve never read the Express but wouldn’t make any sort of negative comment based purely on tabloid stereotypes. He actually (sort of) apologised this morning. Plenty of fans supported me and for that, I’m grateful.

  • I dont do social media at all except Vital Norwich. The one thing about this site is the family that has grown together over the years from all over the world and opinions and contrasts are expected and encouraged with dignity and respect. VN has an energy that seems to push aside negativity and confrontationism. We all pull together to make this site brilliant, and it has not been uncommon to have first run articles and accurate forward anticipations in posts from our crew. Yep, Tuckster has a major input on the front and does a brilliant job and is also supported by the crew in the back pages. The fans on here are well versed in NCFC and post incitive, informative and hilarious at times posts, all original from them, no cutting and pasting there. And we all do it just like Tuckster holding down full time jobs and for fun. Serious – not on your bloody life. Serious posts – absolutely, from the heart. Thats because we can come from there becuase we dont have to worry about wages, deadlines, sales and editors, save for FFL’s checking!!. And we’ll go on carrying on like we have regardless.

  • DG you have been a terrific editor on VitalNorwich. Based so far away in Southeast Asia, it’s difficult to follow a realiable and steady source for NCFC news. That all changed until I found VitalNorwich, and in turn the EDP (through you). Keep up the good work and don’t let cheap dirty shots get to you by the so-called big papers which are (1) interested in only the big teams, and/or (2) belittle smaller teams. And that totally no-class from Mick. Behind you all the way. OTBC!!!

  • Sorry everyone but I think some of the reports about who we are about to sign are ludicrous, and you are all doing what these football agents want you to and I include Archant in that.

    Joe Hart is a great example of that. Personally I cannot see us signing a £17 million player at this moment in time, they come with £17 million wages.

    Mick is a true city fan, I have criticised him in the past for being to close to the board but like him I can do without these insane rumours, ive got more chance of a date with Taylor Swift.

  • Erm, right. You don’t read a lot of VN, do you, Tim?
    I’m guessing that you haven’t noticed that what’s going on here is that transfer rumours are sometimes reported and then an opinion is given on them, either here on the forum by all it’s members.
    I say sometimes because the Joe Hart and Simon Mignolet rumours haven’t been reported on VN other than in passing for the ridiculous nature of the rumour.
    Ultimately, a lot of people like transfer rumours and discussing them, if you don’t then that’s fine. We know Mick doesn’t but instead of just ignoring it, he decided to have a pop.
    If you don’t like that sort of content then don’t read VN or the EDP for that matter.
    Your choice, fella.
    As for Mick being “a true City fan” well, aren’t we all?

  • Hi Trickster, I do read vital Norwich and really enjoy 99% of what you all do. However you seem to be annoyed with Mick Dennis having a go at you over a transfer rumour, while Mick probably went to far I am in complete agreement with him over these so called “signings” they get some people’s hopes up and turn out to be absolute rubbish, look at Stuart Webber’s reaction to the Mignolet rumour, scathing ! Yes we are all city supporters and falling out like this to me is not helpful. This is the most together the club and supporters have been for a long while. I just think more research is done before things are reported. I know I am old and probably in the minority, but I only believe things when I hear the player is having a medical. To further my point do you really think we will spend £17 million on one player this window ? I have heard a keeper , right back, midfielder and striker are our targets , £17 million on one player wouldn’t leave a lot for the rest ? I will wholeheartedly apologize if this lad does come, I just cannot see it.

  • Hi Tim, thanks for being a VN member and reading what I do, I genuinely appreciate that.
    The article that Mick tweeted about was an opinion piece on a striker from Galatasaray named Mbaye Diagne. The article wasn’t a general rumour piece, it was an opinion piece and my opinion was based on a report from a news/media outlet in Turkey in which that outlet reported Norwich had agreed a €17m fee for Diagne.
    I wrote that this seemed too much for what we would be likely to pay but the outlet were reporting it, so that’s why I mentioned it. I didn’t think I could not comment on it.
    Of course we are highly unlikely to sign Diagne, just as we won’t be signing Hart or Mignolet for that sort of fee but the difference, and why I didn’t report Hart and Mignolet other than in passing, is that there was an actual report stating we had agreed a deal, that’s what made the difference for me.
    As you may have noticed, Archant seem to have had a change of policy this summer, with almost every single rumour being reported no matter how crazy it sounds.
    The amusing thing for me, when Stuart Webber was laughing about the Mignolet rumour, was that Archant had reported that!
    Paddy Davitt’s hashtag #nocircus is conspicuous by its absence this summer and it looks like a completely different way of reporting from them. I’m not knocking that because that’s their business and a lot of people like to read transfer rumours and I’m one of them, always have been.
    I’m not reporting everything, I’m trying to make a realistic assessment, in my spare time remember, as I run the site. Hence no Dwight Gayle etc, he’d cost far too much.
    The reality of all this is that newspapers are a failing business model and they used to be our only real source of information but no longer.
    Many people run media sites for a living, for profit and the people that run the Vital network do that, it’s their livelihood, just as it is for Archant, which is why there are ads everywhere.
    I’m not chasing clicks for advertising revenue on VN because I’d never make more than pin money out of it.
    It’s a hobby for me and one that I enjoy but as I say, there are others that do this for a living and they have to report everything to get those clicks.

    Once again, Tim thanks for reading Vital Norwich you’re part of the community. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on the forum but the sense of community there is really emphasised over just chasing click bait. I think and so do the members there that this is what makes Vital a bit different.

    Best wishes, The Tuckster

  • Tuckster.
    I totally agree with all you have written.
    It amazes me how anybody can even question your articles as you always confirm that
    you only report information brought to your attention and then provide an honest opinion.

    In terms of the transfer rumours, they are just that and we all know that the expenditure will be low
    based on common sense, increase in outgoings for a self funded club, sensible wages and more importantly
    retention of the , all together policy ‘.
    It is probably true that crazy rumours about Mignolet are not only 100 % wrong but if asked most fans would not even want to sign him.

    As for Dennis I do not know him and would not want to either, but a person can only be judged on what he does and says and as far as I know he watches very few Norwich games and attacked Tuckster for no reason
    and that added up with his sucking up to the board means I have no respect for him at all.

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