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You may, or may not, know that here at Vital Norwich we have a forum.

Naturally, it’s topics of conversation are all Norwich City related and unlike some other forums, it isn’t populated with a disproportionate number of fools.

Discussion here is civilised with everyone pretty much being on the same page most of the time.

One thread caught my eye this week with an analysis of whether or not the Canaries should’ve/could’ve done more in the summer in terms of signings for the first team.

yellow belly

I did make a comment in the summer while we were busy buying players for the U23s.

It seemed to me that we were too busy preparing for the Championship than the Premier League. Just like everyone else I desperately want the fantastic Championship team to succeed in the Premier League but if it doesn’t then we will need to do something about it or go down.

After all the effort from us all ( from fans to the management) to get us up it would be a shame to throw our hard fought promotion cheaply away just like we did in the last two unnecessary relegations.

That brought this long but detailed and interesting response from FC Bears

I thought the same and I am sure Webber said we would plan for this summer as if we were in the Championship.

The thing is that it is fine to plan for the future (and I am all for going and getting the top talent into your academy with the view of getting them into the side) but you can’t really do that in football because we might have a poor season, confidence is at rock bottom, players leave, the manager might go then others leave etc. Plan for the here and now too.

Why not go get young talent but also spend money on 1st teamers? If the rumours are true that Joe Hart was here at the club (for talks in the summer) then we were clearly interested and we were prepared to spend money on a high earner like him, so wages were not an issue, which makes me think there is money.

Also, I am sure Webber said at some point that we would have 10 million to spend (or did I completely imagine that?) and even then a lot of us were like ‘that isn’t enough’ and we end up spending around 1/2 million so what happened to the rest?

If we go down you’d think we would lose Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis, Pukki, Cantwell (if he continues to perform), Buendia and we will then have to rebuild the squad and that could take a while.

I mean how long did it take us to get these youngsters in the side regularly? We could make a fair amount of money from those players but I bet it wouldn’t be spent as we don’t have rich owners and we can’t splash the cash.

Who was the last club to come up and spend 1 million and stay in the prem?

Who was the last club to spend that amount and stay up (of the clubs who are relegation candidates)? Also, if we stay up will we do the same again and spend maybe 2 million next time or would the club look to spend more?

The argument that I read/hear is ‘well we spent money before and we went down so why should we do it again?’ is ridiculous – I mean so we got burnt before we won’t do it again.

This is football, sometimes you get burnt but sometimes you have to spend the cash and that is another issue with having owners who don’t have lots of money that are less keen to spend the money as it probably means more to them and well, they don’t have the resources to keep spending 20 million every time.

The thing about spending lots in my opinion was a whole load of circumstances – Hooper was a brilliant forward in Scotland, RvW was excellent in his record of scoring.

That was around 14 million spent but it didn’t work because Hughton didn’t manage them well and the style of play was terrible, also the fact that RvW picked up an early injury and his confidence went and Hughton/coaches just didn’t see this and stuck to one game plan.

Hooper again suffered that season – if City had a different manager then you never know that season.

Why buy two goal scorers for decent money and go 4-4-1-1 or 4-1-4-1?

Hughton at times had RvW on his own with us sitting back and he did the same with Hooper and we all knew it wasn’t working.

In that season we also spent money on Olson, Redmond and Garrido who were all decent for us so that part of the side worked – Then the Alex Neil cash splash was just stupid. Naismith was the main money spent, around 8/9 million which in terms of football is still nothing (but to poor millionaire owners it is). Klose cost around 7 million but he is still here and has been good for us when fit so would we see that as a failure?

Along with those two, Pinto 2 mil , Maddison 2 mil , Jarvis 2 mil and  Godfrey. Combined it comes to around 20 million but that was down to poor summer planning – AN thought Whittaker – Bassong – Martin – Turner – Bennett would work in the prem, plus playing one of your biggest signings in Brady at left back when he had been performing as an attacking left winger at Hull shows the poor vision of the season AN had.

Like Daniel Farke, Alex Neil wanted to give the championship side a chance and it went belly up (probably because AN lost confidence in his ability and decided to turn into Hughton).

I think spending that much in a January window is a sign you messed up the summer and are in a panic or was it the same as DF has had to deal with (no money and see what is happening in January)?

AN spent around 7 million got 3 loans in and 2 free players then January came and they then decided to give him some money…..too late. The argument of spending money and it not working can also be used to not spending money and it not working as Nigel Worthington could tell you.

I think Worthy spent around 2 million in the summer of 2004 and then again we got to January and splashed the cash on Dean Ashton but it was too late. Summer planning is key and the last few times we have got it wrong. I am not a fan of splashing the cash in January.

DF has mentioned a few times that he would love to be able to go out and buy some quality players and if he could he would bring a couple of quality players in – so I bet he would want money to spend, especially after now having had a few windows with hardly any money.

Does DF also think the players who have been signed are even better or at the same level as his current bunch?

None of them are starting yet and one isn’t even getting on the bench – I look and see Josip Drmic as a quality player who could probably do a job but is he better than Pukki? Byram is not better than Aarons, Fahrmann well, I am not sure but Krul looks excellent at the moment, Roberts I think is quality and probably could offer more than Buendia and Stiepermann are at the moment but DF seems to think that it is Cantwell in the role Roberts could play.

Could it be DF just making an excuse to not play him?  Amadou has only come in because of injury and is out of position after a couple of poor performances, he should have come in earlier but didn’t.

Sorry rant over -I have been working on a work project for about 48 hours…

I tend to think that these sorts of conversations are happening a lot among fans and they certainly are in my workplace.

Anyone agree/disagree?

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