Date: 15th August 2018 at 4:39pm
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The 3-1 win over Stevenage was Norwich City’s first victory of the season but it was a hard, dull and drawn out affair by all accounts,  before late substitutes made the difference for the home side.

I’m currently sunning myself with the family out in Ibiza, so was following from afar but a few things struck me from what I’ve read and heard.

The general consensus seemed to be that we were back in the drab groove of last season, having had all the possession but without any drive and forward impetus.

We scored first (again) and then sat back giving the visitors encouragement and allowing them to get back in the game. This was a familiar pattern last season, especially at home and it’s blooming annoying in it’s predictability.

Daniel Farke made 10 changes from the side beaten by WBA and it seems as though we were lucky to win.

Farke was seemingly playing round pegs in square holes with Todd Cantwell playing left midfield and Stiepermann in the centre – shouldn’t they be in their opposite positions?

Up front, Dennis Srbeny again showed his complete lack of confidence in front of goal. He’s always done plenty of running and plenty of harrying of opposition defenders but he looks awkward in front of goal. How he got 16 goals up until last January before coming to England is a mystery to me.

I think he’s currently nowhere near a starting place ahead of Teemu Pukki or Jordan Rhodes and wonder if a loan spell would do him good at say, League One level?

If Nelson Oliveira isn’t sold or loaned out before the end of August, then he would be an able back up to Rhodes. We’re paying him, so might as well use him and get Dennis some regular game time at a lower level.

The game didn’t change in City’s favour until very late, when a corner hit Zimmerman’s heel and deflected in. Pukki was involved in that and he scored the 89th-minute third that sealed the win too.

It wasn’t until the late introductions of Pukki and Onel Hernandez that City looked capable of getting in behind Stevenage and that is surely a huge worry.

Mo Leitner deserves applause for his pinpoint cross from Cantwell’s short corner that he put right on Steipermann’s head but despite wanting the ball all the time, sounded like he struggled as much as anyone to make an impact.

His ability is not in question but how Farke uses him certainly is. Had City lost last night, and it sounded like they easily could have, the pitchforks and torches would be being readied.

Next up is a test as tough as they come with a trip to Bramall Lane. Last season it was a backs to the wall away win with Tettey and Trybull instrumental. Farke can only hope that his gamble of resting his first XI pays off at the weekend and that Tom Trybull isn’t badly injured.

I predicted that we could have a horrible start to the season and with Preston and Leeds following Sheffield United, I’m holding my breath because I genuinely think it could go either way right now.

Fingers crossed for better to come and I’m hoping Emi Buendia can make a difference when he finally gets match fit.

In the meantime, sorry if Vital Norwich has been a bit sporadic of late but I’ve had other stuff on, like drink San Miguel and generally doing very little 🙂

Normal service will be resumed soon.




8 Replies to “No Change At Norwich Is Concerning”

  • Hope you are having a great time in Ibiza Tuckster.

    I went to the game last night and can confirm it was dull, uninspiring and the same sideways / slow build up as last season. If I recall correctly it was another misplaced sideways pass in midfield which lead to the free kick / goal conceded. There did not look much danger of losing as Stevenage were playing for pens and understandably so. It was only late subs and their tiredness which lead to the late goals and win.

    Srbeny was terrible and no way a Championship striker so time for the stubborn DF to get Oliveira involved.

    If the next round is at home I will struggle to have the enthusiasm to go.

    • I’m surprised you go at all. I threw the ticket in and won’t give the club my money until the D Dawg is gone. The stadium has felt so flat for way too long, I just can’t justify watching them in my own mind when I have a family to give time to.

  • Its a habit of 50 years and time to meet up with friends in pub before game.
    I work very long hours and its a break. Girls left home so no family things to do.
    More a hobby than an obsession until Smiffs finally go
    and hopefully ambition commences.

  • 8 goals in 3 games. Yes, no change from last season, at all. Might be worth getting better advisers because there’s a big difference from last season to this.

    Firstly, we’re scoring goals and they’ve came from all over the pitch. Secondly, you’re point about Srbeny is quite honestly ridiculous. Had he been more composed in front of goal, he could’ve had a brace. His movement off the ball and hold up play has improved massively over the summer. That’s clear for everyone to see. Suggestions of bringing in the disruptive Oliveira over him are laughable. For a start, Nelson’s movement is terrible. He’s never where he should be. Thirdly, against Stevenage we had 4 one-on-ones, all of which were missed. On another day, we would’ve won comfortably. Finally, I do wonder why some of you even go to the games or claim to be supporters. Never anything positive to say about the club (Not including you Tuckster, as you’re generally positive).

  • A typical cliche plastic reaction.
    Sounds like someone who think they know a lot about football and that everybody else does not.
    It may be worth you growing up. If you have been a regular supporter for 50 years then you could consider claiming to know more about Norwich than me.
    Its about passion, wanting to win and getting together with friends before games in pubs all over the country and not making sarcastic comments on web sites quoting tedious information.

    8 goals in 3 games. 1 point from 2 league games and a poor display against a league 2 club.
    These are statistics to make any plastic fan happy but not supporters who want their club to be
    ambitious and win games, not settling for a defeat just because 3 goals are scored.

    Scoring goals from all over the pitch. Conceding goals all over the pitch.
    A lone striker needs to score goals. Srbeny is simply not good enough. A miss hit shot for one goal in
    6 months is not adequate.
    You are laughable if you seriously consider it best to play a league 1 standard striker who cannot score
    over a better quality player who may be disruptive. If he is still here and being paid then it may be the manager and his narrow minded tactics, team selection and substitutions who should not be at the club.
    I have personally watched Curran, Cross McDougall, Boyer, Reeves, Fashanu, Deehan, Drinkell, Fleck, Sutton, Roberts, Martin and Holt play and score many goals for Norwich and Srbeny will never ever reach close to their standards. I will not settle for third best.

    One on ones are of no use if they are missed. Last season ( on another day ) they did not go in which is why
    we scored a pathetic amount of goals. Its way too easy to count goals that should have been.
    Its the ones that go in a win games that count.

    I wonder why plastics go to games, eat popcorn, spend more time looking at stats than supporting the team
    and are happy to lose.

  • have to say the scoring of more goals this season is scant consolation. Everything else remains the same.
    you get a decent game but the next is poor, no consistency, no plan evolving. 60+ games and I am unable to figure what the plan is. If it’s about possession then great, success, 14th and ponderous football can be achieved.

    After 40+ years of watching i’ve never been so distant with my club. I still look forward to each game, each season, each transfer window with hope. I support Norwich, we’ll never win trophies, we’ll lose many games but i always have hope. the odd 5-0 win, slaughtering opponents with attacking verve and drawing 1-1, Neighbour or Huckerby flyng down the wings at pace, 30 yard rockets from Peters, Crook, O’Neill, seen it many, many times.
    This current setup, the Smiths, putting nothing in but treating it like some socialist experiment, family & friends only …no “outsiders” allowed to dilute the nest egg. “Fans will pay, they always will so we don’t need to” over their breakfast eggs.
    Webber, King Webber has been given full power by the Smiths for the first time in his career and has not yet admitted to any mistakes, yet tells the fans not to be unrealistic in their wishes with no timelines, guarantees.
    Farke, scooped from the obscurity with a fanfare is struggling to come to terms with others teams attacking us. “I didn’t expect this”i hear him say after every game.
    Constantly told time, we need time, look at Fergie, time will make us good. 24 teams in our league, if all had time would no team be relegated? time is no guarantee of success if the system / process doesn’t work or in our case, shows signs of working consistently.
    Remove hope and you remove the only thing a true supporter has, the current owners and management team have come as close to doing this as anyone in my 40+ years as a fan. It’s tough watch right now..

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