Date: 15th December 2009 at 4:07pm
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Colchester United chairman Robbie Cowling insists that the Canaries will not be given an additional allocation of tickets for the game between the two sides next month, despite it potentially costing the U’s £30,000.

The two sides meet at the Weston Homes Community Stadium on Saturday 16th January and demand for tickets is expected to be great – in the yellow and green part of the world at least – but Cowling says he would rather have rows of empty seats (a familiar sight in those parts).

‘Because of the exceptional support base that Norwich City enjoys and the size of our own regular support base it should be an easy commercial decision for me to make,’ he told Colchester’s official website.

‘If I extend the ticket allocation to the away supporters, I am pretty well guaranteed a sell out. However, on this rare occasion I am not prepared to do so.

‘I think this is a game that everyone who follows Colchester United should attend and I am therefore prepared to risk the extra £30k in revenues on my belief that this is what will happen for this important game.’

However don’t fear City fans, Mr. Cowling doesn’t have a problem with us. It’s those nasty people in the boardroom he’s giving evil looks to from behind his desk…

‘I am sorry if this decision goes down badly with the Norwich fans, who I personally have no gripe with,’ he continued.

‘However, the Norwich board have acted appallingly towards our club recently and I’m not sure I have ever wanted to win a game of football so badly.

‘Therefore, on this occasion, I will do everything in my power to stack whatever odds I can in our favour and if that does mean an empty seat rather than an away supporter then so be it.’

It is not clear if Mr. Cowling then stuck his tongue out and minced away, but I’d like to think he did. Madness.

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