Date: 30th November 2017 at 8:49am
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Last night`s AGM has underlined most of the facts regarding the situation with the club that we already knew. The formal business saw Delia Smith and Michael Foulger re-elected to the board by a majority show of hands, despite one shareholder`s protestations – Well said, Robin Wilson.

“There is no money” Stuart Webber later said and rather predictably, there is no need to sell any of the players unless a bid comes in that is too good for the club to turn down.

So, as Liam Gallagher might say “as you were.”

One rather surprising comment to come out of the aftermath, when talking to the EDP, was Ed Balls` comments about the club being “absolutely open to new investment.”

Balls said that while the club haven`t been actively looking for new investment, “the door is open” to serious offers of investment. He didn`t say anything about Delia and Michael being prepared to sell their majority shareholding and after stating they would never do that, last November in The Times, I`d be surprised if their position had changed much in just 12 months.

You can read more of Balls` comments here

I think that as we all already knew, if the club don`t achieve promotion this season then there will be hard decisions to make. Webber suggested that January will be quiet and that nothing will happen without selling first and that without promotion, we are looking at a huge reduction in income next season.

The parachute payments will end and that will see us lose that last payment of £32m (this season) which means severe cost cutting will happen from next season onwards.

No doubt, people will lose jobs. People who just like you and me have mortgages and bills to pay.

Supporting a football club is supposed to be fun, it`s supposed to be entertaining, we`re supposed to look forward to seeing our team play and hopefully, winning.

The club are in a very tough place right now and you don`t need me to tell you that. We are looking at a poor, underperforming team in a situation that has turned from top six just over six weeks ago into mid-table mediocrity. Trying to be optimistic, I suppose it could change again just as quickly but there need to be changes on the field.

The return of Pritchard and Tettey will be a big boost and once match fit, I would expect them to be regular starters for Farke but they surely can`t be the only thing we can cling to because I`ve seen it too many times when players are out injured. Their reputation and ability to fix things improves the longer they are on the side lines.

Nelson Oliveira is the latest player to have that aura around him and I`m already hearing grumbles from those who sit near me about him. “He doesn`t work hard enough,” “He`s lazy” etc, etc.

Give me strength.

The only way this is going to turnaround on the pitch is through the coach and squad working together to find a way of creating more chances and ultimately, winning games. The season isn`t finished by a long chalk, yet.

But, something is going to have to change and quickly because I am very fearful of a Premier League club coming in for Maddison in January. Any sort of big bid for the lad will not and basically cannot be rebuffed because we`re skint. At the moment, Madders, Pritchard and Oliveira are the jewels in the Canary crown but will they all be here at the start of next season?

Your guess is as good as mine but I`m not optimistic.


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12 Replies to “Norwich AGM – The Fallout”

  • Maybe those fans who clapped as we were relegated and chanted Rabs name and cheered him round the pitch for relegating us ,can now see how catastrophic that relegation was

  • We all predicted this whilst the plastics said everything would be ok.
    The Smiffs are totally to blame.

  • I am not financial but am I right then in thinking that the money from sales this summer have gone on wages and paying loans off then?

    Also, I am still shocked that we have no money. So I guess we will go with the same squad and just hope that no one gets injured again (but probably will).

    I do worry that Maddison will have offers in the window. The Oli rumours will also surface again.

    I am not a massive fan of them but why no talk of getting a loan forward in?

    Having Raggett in January will be like a new signing (because he is) unless we let him go back to Lincoln, which I think could happen. Get Godfrey and Morris back and get them involved too.

  • After the AGM in 2016 Tom the cabin boy was supposed to have a role to
    interact with the fans. That’s gone really well then !

  • I?m shocked that there were no mention of any sort of some deadwood who are on huge wages and plans to cut them. Instead, talk about our best players (who may not be in high wages) having a price. Madness.

  • And the guy who is mainly responsible for blowing close to 15m pounds in signing a certain Steven Naismith (he wanted him specifically, 8 million pounds transfer fees plus weekly 50k wages long term) got compensation of 2 million pounds for this financial mess.

  • DG to be fair, if your employers don?t trust you how would you feel? I mean managers are employed to do Football matters, including putting up recommendations for players. The biggest mistake the board made (in hindsight) is rejecting Lambert?s request for more money, forcing him to leave indirectly, but giving the cash to the new manager who made a big mess out of it and blowing the small fortune away.

  • The current problems were created by Chris Hughton and Alex Neil, primarily due to their favouritism to certain players, poor recruitment staff, and lack of opportunities given to young players. Unfortunately, the full effects are felt only when the two who had created all theses problems left with a goody big bag of compensation. We are lucky that the club has the foresight to restructure the setup, and invest properly in youth. For example, on James Maddison: will we even be thinking of the big transfer fees if Farke has not given him the chances and faith which was sorely lacking under Alex Neil? What will Maddison be worth now if he had continued to be left on the bench or out on loan this season? In short, things would have been far worse than now if Webber and Farke had not been appointed by the management.

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