Date: 20th January 2018 at 10:30am
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Norwich City FC will freeze season ticket prices for the 2018/19 season, the club have announced

The key points are that prices have been frozen for the fifth consecutive season and if you pay by direct debit then it will automatically renew unless you physically opt out.

If you pay your season ticket up front, then you have until March 16th to opt out of renewal.

The renewal packs should be dropping through your letterbox from today onwards and all the details will be inside.

Realistically, this is not a surprise and with the way things were going before the mini Christmas revival, plenty of fans had voiced opinions about not renewing. Had the club decided to put prices up, then there would`ve been some mild annoyance and upset but even then, I can`t see many of our fan base rejecting season ticket renewal.

The so called “Happy Clappers” would no doubt renew whatever happens, without showing much in the way of disgruntlement at what they were seeing on the pitch.

To be fair to Messers Webber and Farke I can see what they are trying to do and on the field, I can see what Farke is looking to do tactically. The issue has always been about the pace of the game we play and chance creation, not to mention conceding through that awful autumn period.

Now though, with the back three looking a viable option and three good performances since it`s first use against Chelsea, things may be on the up.

Today`s match against Sheffield United is as tough as it gets though and it`ll be a useful yardstick for many.

I can`t moan about prices being frozen, it was the only logical outcome and is a welcome announcement.


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One Reply to “Norwich City Season Tickets Frozen For 2018/19”

  • Posty delivered the renewal pack this morning.
    A good thing is that it was minimal and did not include the sickening
    kak from manager, players and happy clapper supporters on
    expensive paper. Just basic info and that is adequate.
    I would be happy to pay more if the club sorted itself out so hopefully
    in a years time the smiffs and 2 time failures will be gone and we can look
    forward to a new era.
    Renewing ? After 50 years I am thinking hard based on what I see on the pitch.
    I am going to 4 out of next 5 games so will judge it after those.

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