Date: 3rd August 2015 at 11:04am
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A lot of Norwich fans love the fact that we’re not owned by some Russian Oligarch. That we play ‘proper’ football and that we still have a ‘family’ focus.

A lot of Norwich City fans will be appalled, therefore, at the news that NCFC have negotiated a deal with Coral whereby the bookmakers will become the stand sponsors for the Barclay End.

Not content with just sticking their name of the stand they get to actually offer Barclay End ticket holders ‘enticing’ ways for them to (IMO) get hoooked on gambling and end up broken and in the gutter* including ‘Exclusive promotional odds’ and ‘sign up incentives’

*Please gamble responsibly

The Barclay will be allowed to retain it’s name (not that anyone was ever going to call it anything else)

I’m not going to write up anymore about this deal. You can all read it on the club website and the less column inches about this deal the better.

But, hey, I might be completely out of order…let me know.


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