Date: 10th June 2018 at 2:39pm
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Saturday night was passing by as usual for the Canary Nation when an innocent tweet from a Twitter user, Stewart Lewis, who suggested that City might be better off selling Josh Murphy, prompted a reply from a sleeping giant, ex-Chief Executive David McNally.

Like Smaug the dragon being awoken from his slumbers by thieving dwarves (and a hobbit), McNally returned to Twitter and started an unexpected, but highly opinionated, question and answer session.

The crux of which was that he thought City were well placed when he resigned in May 2016, only to have finished last season in an “embarrassing” position, having made little progress.

He’s not wrong about that embarrassing bit. If you’re not on social media (very wise) then you can catch up with the thread below.

It’s not really clear why McNally decided to reply to Stewart Lewis and then engage in this Q&A with fans. I missed it all myself as I was watching the farce that was Tyson Fury’s return to professional boxing and didn’t catch up with it until this morning.

There are a few interesting points though. The first is that McNally feels that we underachieved last season. Fair enough, so do I.

The second is that he sounds like he would’ve thrown money at the problem to get promoted, had he been given that opportunity. Without any “benefactor money” he oversaw three promotions but also two relegations from the Premier League.

Whilst he was the right man at the right time to sort out the mess after relegation to League One, he also oversaw the signings of RvW, Leroy Fer and Johan Elmander which ultimately assisted our relegation under Chris Hughton.

He got so much right early on in his tenure, Paul Lambert, Grant Holt etc but also got so much wrong when the PL became his area of operations.

He made some costly errors in the transfer market that Norwich are still wearing round their necks in millstone form but he also bought James Maddison. You win some and you lose some in the transfer market and no-one has a crystal ball.

As for his talk of getting promoted, hindsight is a wonderful thing and never wrong. Norwich are currently operating a sustainable model in the Championship. Had we thrown money at it we could be another Aston Villa in the making.

Personally, I think we should’ve gone somewhere in between.

Thirdly, he said that new defenders and strikers weren’t bought in the summer of 2015 due to “cash and yet directors’ loans were repaid.”

That suggests that directors’ loans were repaid at the cost of the playing budget. Something that the club have always played down.

The suggestion from some is that McNally should write a book about his time in football, because there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding his time at Norwich and his departure.

It would certainly be worth a read but perhaps, like the rest of us, David McNally should move on and concentrate on the future rather than dwelling in the past.



4 Replies to “Norwich’s Sleeping Ex-Chief Exec Awakens On Twitter”

  • I would imagine that McNally departed for the same reason as Lambert,
    a total lack of ambition by the Smiffs.
    If McNally had stayed and Smiffs left I doubt if we would now be 14 th in championship
    with any decent player up for sale.

  • so, Tuckster, you think Mcnally should move on from his resurrection like Smaug!
    Just remember that we reside in a democracy, and Mr McNally has every right, probably more so than you, to comment on his tenure with Norwich City. And why does he need to move on? Didn’t the club pay out over a million pounds as hush money! Embarrassing we are under Delia Smith and MWJ and this board. Look at the previous decisions made prior to McNally. The dream team, Rioch, Grant, Roeder, Gunn……..need I go on? And that’s before I get to the appointments of Fry (why)? Yet alone Moxey? If you weren’t interested in a CEO renowned for brokering deals of owner takeovers, why appoint in the first place.
    And McNally comes in. Lambert. Double promotion. Neil. Promotion. Hughton. Kept us up for a season…..but quite obviously with little ambition shown by the owners and board for more!
    And now we are to be a self financing club. Which you refer to as a sustainable model! How do you know this, or is your crystal ball lamenting it will be. I have no idea what makes you think you are an entity on Norwich City. You aren’t! I would take off your rose tinted spectacles, and look at a serious bout of Reality, such as posted by McNally. I know who I believe and knowing him as I do, I’m not surprised.

  • Mick, DMc did so many good things for Norwich City but presided over our last relegation from the Premier League as well. All of the good things you point out, I and probably most other City fans are grateful for.
    It is clear that the board have changed tack and are trying to be sustainable and self financing, without a wealthy benefactor. What other choice do they have? Other than to go down the old, well trodden path of most other clubs and borrow from the bank. Mistakes have been made by all concerned, including McNally and as I mentioned, hindsight is wonderful, in fact it’s never been wrong yet!
    You’re quite right, I’m not an entity – the meaning of which is: “An entity is something that exists as itself, as a subject or as an object, actually or potentially, concretely or abstractly, physically or not. It need not be of material existence.”
    Nor am I an expert or one stop shop for knowledge on what goes on in the boardroom and neither are you. I merely run a blog about the football club I love.
    As you rightly point out, we live in a democracy which means I can write what I like, within reason.
    Vital Norwich has always been about opinions and mine is not more important than anyone else’s, in fact all opinions are welcome, including yours.
    So thank you for contributing 😉

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