Date: 6th July 2018 at 10:18am
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Sheffield Wednesday striker, Jordan Rhodes has travelled to Norwich to discuss a move, according to BBC Radio Norfolk presenter, Rob Butler.

Using his Twitter account, Butler has tweeted this at around 8am this morning.

The link to Jordan Rhodes has been around for quite some time, arguably years actually but in earnest, they surfaced again around two weeks ago.

At that time, the suggestion from the Sheffield press was that Wednesday wanted a £3m loan fee and wages paid for a player that cost them somewhere between £8-10m from Middlesbrough, just last summer.

Rhodes is thought to be earning around £50k per week, which is obviously well out of the reach of a Canary board who no longer have parachute payments. It’s clear that they will not put the club at risk by gambling huge amounts of money on player transfers or salaries, so this is an interesting move.

Rhodes is, of course, a player who has a proven track record in this league with 83 goals in 159 appearances for Blackburn Rovers, although in the last couple of years, he seems to have lost his way a little.

He is still “only” 28, so arguably he is at the peak of his physical abilities but he’s only scored 8 goals in 48 for Wednesday in the last 18 months.

Presumably, if he’s travelling to Norfolk, then a deal looks likely, which means Wednesday must’ve decided to lower their demands. Loan fees are commonplace nowadays but £3m was ridiculous.

What this says to me is that Norwich City are not willing to settle for another season of mid-table mediocrity. It says to me that the board are going for a tilt at promotion and Rhodes would be something of a marquee signing.

There are financial constraints, naturally, but the board seem to be doing everything they can, without risking the club to give Daniel Farke a squad to compete with the top six.

Bravo, I’m all for it.



5 Replies to “Proven Championship Striker Close To Norwich Move”

  • if this news is based on information from idiot Gutler, I reserve comment until it is confirmed by a proper knowledgeable football person.

  • Seems a bit strange Farke wants a player like Rhodes.On form he scores goals for fun but that’s about it,his work rate is very low and he’s not a lone striker type.Nelson must be on his way out?

  • He has peaked early imo. Leave well alone. Its going to be hard to work out which inconsistent striker is going to do the business at any one time. I don’t think Rhodes is the machine he was in that smallish timeframe anymore. I’m impressed with much of the clubs dealings so far, but I think we could have been more canny up front. We’ve got Nelson, great when he fancies it, Paxxi, whose record isn’t overly inspiring, and doesn’t seem able to play as a lone striker, and now we are being linked with Rhodes, whose recent record is patchy, at best. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, bit it is looking like we are going to need the midfield to step up and make some notable contributions up front.

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