Date: 10th December 2018 at 4:55pm
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I say “pundit” but when you hear that I am talking about Ian Abrahams, you may think differently about my use of the term “pundit”.

This morning on the Jim White show on Talk Sport, Abrahams, or “Moose” as he is known on the station, said that if Norwich and Leeds were to get promoted that “it would be bad for English football.”

I kid you not, he actually said that.

This all stems from Abrahams’ narrow-minded view that there are not enough English coaches in the Premier League. He cited the fact that there are only four Englishmen currently managing in the top flight.

He banged on about Darren Moore, Chris Wilder, Frank Lampard and Tony Pulis all lining up behind Norwich’s Daniel Farke and Leeds’ Marcelo Bielsa as English coaches in the Championship table.

He went on to try to prove his point by saying that the only way more English coaches will get into the Premier League is by getting teams promoted and that therefore, promotion for Norwich and Leeds will be a bad thing for English football.

He added that Farke is doing well but with “a bunch of foreign players that very few of us have heard of.”


The bottom line here is that foreign coaches are generally better than English coaches at the moment and that’s why clubs go for them. That is a grassroots issue within the coaching environments available in Britain at the moment. You might not like it if you’re a nationalist but that is the reality.

It’s why the clubs for whom money is no object and who can hire the best staff in any position within their organisation go for non-English people.

Pep Guardiola at Man City, Klopp at Liverpool, Pochettino at Spurs etc, etc, etc.

Abrahams is probably (I’m being kind) just unable to see past the fact that he wants Englishmen filling these positions. The fact his own club, West Ham are managed by Chilean Manuel Pellegrini was, of course, overlooked.

Pellegrini has been doing okay lately but by the Moose rationale, he is stopping an Englishman from getting a job. It’s a very narrow-minded view – again, I’m being kind.

Perhaps he’d like Tony Pulis or Neil Warnock in charge at the Hammers? No, I thought not.

This bloke talks absolute garbage and would no doubt have been happy if we’d appointed Alan Curbishley eighteen months ago.

From a fan’s perspective, I don’t care who manages my club or who plays for the club, just as long as they are successful. I don’t care how much we pay these people, as long as the club can afford it and again, the results are tangible.

The reality of Norwich appointing Daniel Farke under Sporting Director, Stuart Webber is that they are currently top of the league. If our “bunch of foreign players” that Moose hasn’t heard of, can pull this off then it will not be bad for English football.

A club like Norwich or Leeds getting into the Premier League will be no bad thing. Both clubs have pedigree as teams that have spent quite some time in the top flight.

What needs to happen is that if English coaches are going to get those top jobs then the coaching levels need to be higher, just like they are in Germany.


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9 Replies to ““Pundit” Says Norwich Promotion Would Be Bad For English Football”

  • I know of only 3 English managers. Dyche, Howes and Warnock. Hughton, is regarded as Irish as that’s who he played for at international level
    Pulis meanwhile is Welsh.

    • Don’t forget Hodgson too.

      I wonder if this guy said the same last season when Fulham and Wolves came up with non british managers?

  • Funny how we never had a foreign coach before and were always going for the British ones and never got a good word about how we stuck to British coaches etc then the 1st one we get and you hear this kak. How can he say this and be listened to? A bunch of foreign players no one has heard of… what? And what about the fact we have had 4 youth players in the line up on the weekend (once Morris back probably 5 in the matchday squad).

    I am guessing this guy is a West Ham fan? Well let’s look they have a foreign coach (they got rid of their Scottish coach for him) and on the weekend they had 1 English player and then 1 Scottish player at the moment I am not including Rice as he is still listed as Rep.Ireland. As we know English players aren’t cheap and their nationality shouldn’t matter if we are meeting the rules. I doubt we would have been able to pick up an English/British Zimmermann, Vrancic, Leitner, Pukki, Hernandez, Buendia, Stiepermann, Tettey, Trybull for the same price.

    What a load of crap that guy speaks

  • Foreign players you’ve never heard of?

    Like Max Aarons?

    Like Jamal Lewis?

    Like Ben Godfrey?

    Like Louis Thomson?

    Like Todd Cantwell?

    Like Jordan Rhodes? Ok, a loan but still in our team.

    Like Carlton Morris?

    I’ll bet I’ve missed a few UK players.

    Has anybody Not heard of Teemu Pukki?

  • Crazy.

    Not to mention the fact that Norwich is actually run by Stuart Webber (an Englishman) and Farke is effectively head coach.

  • Surely the fact that Norwich are top is great testament to “A bunch of foreign players no one has heard of”, a head coach who is proving positive, purposeful and successful in his methods and a very shrewd European scouting network for identifying these players and getting them to sign.
    All to be applauded for a club not dripping with excess money like Chelsea and Manchester City who need to be astute to progress. Well played (so far) NCFC.

  • The Moose is a non respected figure who all Talk Sport presenters take the p**s out of constantly.
    Just thinking about the current first choice 11 players and how many are ‘ foreign players no one has heard of ‘ , not that there is anything wrong with that anyway.
    Krul. Foreign and well known.
    Aarons. Lewis. Young English players.
    Klose. Swiss International.
    Zimmermann. Possible that no one has heard of him.
    Tettey. Norwegian International for many years.
    Cantwell. Young English player.
    Buendia, Stiepermann. Possible that no one has heard of them.
    Pukki. Finland International.

    Thats 3 out of 11. not quite a bunch !!

  • Talksport pundit Ian Abrahams who likes to be called Moose
    Needs to engage his brain before he lets his tongue loose
    All football teams want a manager who is the best for their club
    There is a real shortage of English talent that is the rub
    To pick on the best of the second tier who promote British talent
    Is being lazy, uninformed and not very gallant
    He has now received the attention that he so desired
    But if it was up to me I think he should be fired

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