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Raking over the ashes of Josh Murphy’s move to Cardiff, this lunchtime, I was struck by a couple of comments made by Stuart Webber in Norwich City’s official statement on his departure over at

“We would all like to wish Josh well for the future. Josh, like his brother Jacob, will always be part of the Norwich City family” Webber said.

“Josh has had some difficult times at the Club and hasn’t always been every fan’s favourite, but he’s always got his head down and worked really hard to be the best he can be.

“Like his brother Jacob he came through our youth ranks and has been at Norwich all of his footballing life. He’s a real success story for the Academy.

“Josh was keen for a fresh challenge and Premier League football and we were offered a substantial fee, so we believe it’s a good deal for the player and Norwich City.”

Now, if you’ve been as regular a visitor to Carrow Road as I have in the last season, you will know only too well what Mr Webber is alluding to here.

Moaning and criticism from the fans at one of their own players, is what I think he’s trying to say, diplomatically.

I’m sure that you’ll also remember that this isn’t the first time that a Norwich player has suffered at the hands of “the best fans in the country.”

Anyway, make of it what you will, it sounds to me as though that might’ve had a hand in making the lad so desperate to leave. I’ve never had 26,000 people supporting me or moaning at me, so I don’t know what it feels like. I imagine that when they’re moaning, it’s not a great place to be.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it…



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  • Did Webber need to mention that though? Seems strange like saying the fans are to blame for him wanting to move or that the fans shouldn’t now moan about this sale.

    Just say ‘thank you for all the work and the goals and the club wish you all the best’.

    I do get the feeling sometimes that Webber isn’t much of a ‘fan’ of the Norwich fans. When I went to the Norwich – Sheffield W game I remember a few fans going to shake his hand and he completely ignored them like he was better than them. Maybe I am wrong .

  • He may have had some difficult times at the club for a short spell but has been financially rewarded
    for it unlike fans who have had far more difficult times supporting smiffs lack of ambition club and cannot walk away and earn a small fortune for doing it.

    I have not missed a home match for many years so will have seen every minute of his home league performances and there has not been booing or lack of support, just collective groans of disappointment
    very time he makes an incorrect decision or hits a poor cross from a good position.
    Not altogether his fault as Farkes system makes it difficult to break fast and find the lone striker who is either not in area or has been crowded out.

    In any case he has had one good season and like his brother on the strength of that left at earliest opportunity to get into a league that he and other players have not been good enough to get Norwich anywhere near during past 2 seasons. So desperate for a move he has gone to join Colin the Wan**rs
    cloggers who hopefully will come straight back down. If that happens he can then do a Fer and go to another low level premier league club.

    In my opinion I would rather receive criticism from 26000 supporters for a few minutes a week than deal
    with 40 awkward clients on a 24 hour a day basis as I have to.
    Its time for him to actually grow up / toughen up and earn his soon to be inflated wages.

  • Cardiff fan here trying to find out about our new signing… Josh Murphy. FCBears seems to talk a lot of sense but Drayton Green seems to have a hang up about Colin (Warnock) our manager. We are not a team of cloggers but a well organized outfit under the control of a very good manager. I will wish Norwich well for next season given that you wish us to come straight down … I bet you would change places with us right now.

  • I can only say what I see and the Cardiff performance at Carrow Road was what could be construed as professional or maybe an attempt to rough up key players and with help of a lenient ref managed to get the 2 points right at the end instead of being down to 10 men and in conjunction with Fulham conceding late against Brentford at same time, virtually sealed second place and promotion.
    I have no interest in Murphy now and even less in Cardiff who I neither like or dislike.
    I do have a dislike ( not hang up ) for Warnock who has a history with Norwich causing most City fans to have similar opinion as mine.
    Of course I would like to be in Premier League. Unfortunately the club I support has totally unambitious
    owners who are likely to cause me to be wanting to change places with Brentford / Millwall / Preston /
    Sheffield United / Bristol City in near future.

    • Drayton…I always assumed that football was a physical game so roughing up key players is not allowed in your book… especially Norwich players…the ref was obviously a friend of Warnock’s…!!! I except that you now have no interest in Murphy but I honestly believe by what you have written that you do have a hatred of Cardiff and you come across as a sad bitter loser. Lots of teams hate Warnock… get over it…and I still wish you well for the coming season.

  • I think all the teams in the Championship know how hard it is to get promoted its all about getting the job done. When you consider how much Cardiff spent to achieve that I am sure you must agree that Warnock passed with flying colours. I don’t think you will see exactly the same style in the Premier that was needed when they were in the Championship and don’t be fooled that there isn’t any skill and style to be produced. Time will tell if Cardiff stay up or Norwich get up but you know the requirements either Warnock’s way or gamble that you do a Fulham and not a Villa or Sunderland for that matter. Good luck next season and maybe you will or won’t be Norfolk and good!!!.

    • Ian….wise words indeed. Cardiff did spend very little money to get promoted but as you say maybe the style of play needs to change.. There is a lot of skill in the Cardiff team but time will tell. Good luck to you and your team.

  • Hey fellas, interesting points above. Josh has all the attributes to be a top player, much like his brother. Being twins they are exactly the same down to their style of play, there’s nothing between them. The reason he is a £10m player and not a £30m player is down to his decision making. His end product often leaves a bit to be desired. If he can improve that then you’ll have a great player on your hands, if not, you’ll have the same infuriating moments as we did. He’s so very nearly there.
    Good luck for the season ahead and thanks for your good wishes, I think we’ll need them!

  • Tuckster…thanks for the honest assessment of Murphy and your interesting views and good luck to you all.

  • OMG, what have you got in Murphy. A very fleet footed quick winger. However his final ball is mostly somewhat rushed, and far from precise. That may well improve under Warnock, who likes to play an attacking game, and he will get more time in the premiership, but will be up against better defenders!
    Defensively is where Josh fails, he has to learn to track back quicker, and defend much better. I think Hoilett improved his game under Warnock, and I feel Josh will too.
    He needed a new challenge for sure and got left behind when his brother left for Newcastle last season. That’s when Josh’s game began to suffer for sure. Twins react to separation, and I believe that was a big problem.
    I hope the new challenge sees him overcome his failings. He certainly had a few at Norwich, but you have a dedicated club man on your hands who is very capable given the right support and encouragement. I have no gripe with Cardiff, or Josh. I hope you have a good season, and manage to stay up. I don’t think we will be with you any time soon. I would rather have “Colin” as we know him in these parts, than the idiots Webber and Farke. Enjoy them prem and very well done in getting there. Certainly one of the better footballing sides at Carrow Road last season , physical or not! Enjoy the prem.

  • Drayton…I always assumed that football was a physical game so roughing up key players is not allowed in your book… especially Norwich players…the ref was obviously a friend of Warnock’s…!!! I except that you now have no interest in Murphy but I honestly believe by what you have written that you do have a hatred of Cardiff and you come across as a sad bitter loser. Lots of teams hate Warnock… get over it…and I still wish you well for the coming season.

    Thank you for your kind words. Always nice to go onto other teams web sites and make contributions
    especially to call someone you have never met ‘ a sad bitter loser.’ Much appreciated.
    To repeat. I have no feelings towards Cardiff at all. I do not wish them good or back luck as I do not any other of the other 19 teams. The fact that Warnock manages Cardiff is of no interest to me. He has wound up Norwich fans for years and I dislike him for that alone. I do admire his passion though, a characteristic
    often lacking in modern day managers.
    As for believing that football is a physical game then you must have been watching games live for 50 years as I have, as you will find that in the premier league in 2019 the slightest touch in the area or outside it will
    result in a foul being given. I would prefer it how it was in late 60 ‘s when I started watching Norwich but it is now way too easy to win a free kick but that is where we are and even pundits from days when it was tough tend to agree with the current falling over when a snickometer would be required to confirm contact.

    I am very much an admirer of passion and working hard for the team but on the game at Carrow Road pushed themselves as close as possible with a series of illegal challenges on our few good players and went as far as they could before getting a yellow. That is fine in championship but in premier league it is another matter altogether.
    I still watch MOTD every Saturday and Sunday out of interest and so will see how all newly promoted teams fare. Of course I will be sick inside as my team are not in or even close to getting to the Premier.

  • Drayton….I did say that because of what you had written that you came across as a sad bitter loser and not you as a person and if that had offended you then I apologise…I’ll take your word that you don’t wish them bad luck but you did write hopefully we will come straight back down….!!! Sounds a tad strange to me but we are all different. We shall begin to differ. Good luck to you and your team.

  • Sounds like Webber just trying to make any excuse he can for selling Murphy other than we wanted the cash

    Pritchard seemingly demanded to play in prem according to Webber

    Howson refused to train properly according to Webber

    Murphy had difficult times here and wanted a new challenge in prem according to Webber

  • The Smiffs like to let their chief of staff take the blame so Webber will be the latest fall guy.
    He presumably gets paid handsomely but may eventually get tired of standing up to defend the undefendable
    and leave after being paid off to remain quiet as Lambert and McNally.
    His next task is to ensure the club who purchase Maddison do not let slip that they signed our very best player for lower than we all hoped for and it is announced as undisclosed.
    Having sold the top 2 highest scorers from last season he may have to then justify the sale of the third highest
    and the reason for this that his heart was not in the club.
    After that its Klose with 4 goals and Pinto with 2. They may also be on the way out.

  • I am sure with the right kind of coaching (which I think he was finally getting with Farke) he will be a very good player. But he must meet the coach halfway to achieve that and if so Cardiff will be glad to have him.

  • These are worrisome times for us… I genuinely feel we could be in a scrap at the bottom… good luck to JM & Cardiff who I hope stay up. Some of there fans behaved dreadfully last season at Carrow Rd, however all clubs have a element of morons. Sadly. #otbc

  • CGB. We are very likely to be in a scrap at the bottom. I will be in Sri Lanka for the one dayers in October and presumably missing first home league game for 9 years and expect us to be close or actually in bottom 3
    when I return in late October. I would never usually book a holiday and miss a game but after 50 years
    am beginning to actually get bored with it all. Pre match beers and meet up with friends and family
    are all that keep my interest in going.
    There will be many after home game walks back to my house in the cold having failed to score or win again
    next season. If the football remains as dull and results as bad it may be a case of not getting a season ticket again.

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