Date: 12th April 2012 at 10:52am
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Jack Phillips has his say on the perceived lack of credit some fans feel we’ve been getting this season from so-called pundits…

The last thing this MOTD vs Norwich City debate/chore needs is another oar stuck in. But I’m not one to pay much attention to anything. Everyone sees football in their own conspiratorial way, but I would be delighted if we were on last every week. If our upcoming game against Blackburn was a shoe-in for being on first I would be a very worried man.

The fact that we’re not worrying the schedulers means we have nothing to worry about, we’re not in the midst of a dogfight with Coo-Pee-Arr (or QPHAHA, or whatever you want to call them this season) et al. You may see that as pessimistic, that we would only be featured if we were scrapping away at the bottom. It isn’t. It’s realistic. I was more than happy back in December, January and February when the pundits had only time to say, ‘they’ll be fine. They’ll be here next season.’ Thanks and goodnight, see you then.

Maybe we’ve had it too good over the past few seasons, we even made it on before half the Championship back when we were in League One at times. And that’s shown on the BBC. Yep, the very same. But we were phoenix fish in a smallish, temporary pond back then. Now we’re looking comfortably at home. Well, this season at least, preparations appear to already being made for staving off second-season-syndrome.

As for this Swansea stuff, they get credit because they play good football. They really do. No conspiracies here. They’ve beaten Arsenal and Man City with it, too. Even them in the ‘Diff wouldn’t begrudge them a nod for that. They aren’t stealing our thunder, they are playing good football even through yellow and green tinted spectacles.

But, we’re football fans I guess, we always need something to moan about. Maybe it’s better to target outsiders with it all rather than our own players. After all, I’ve been unhappy myself with Match of the Day. I had expected at least 30 five minutes sections on David Fox by this point in the season. Travesty.

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2 Replies to “Televised Conspiracies”

  • Very unhappy with the lack of exposure and positive comments recommending Holt for England on MOTD.

    Holt is the 2nd highst scoring Englishman at the moment and yet Lawro doesn’t want him in – strange!

  • Lawro hasn`t ever rated him and now holtys proving him wrong every saturday on motd.
    Eat humble pie lawro and admit you got it wrong bigtime.

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