Date: 7th December 2017 at 6:18am
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A few days ago I saw that Carrow Road was again at the top of the list for attendance in the championship, surpassing the likes of Leeds and Wolves.

More surprisingly is the fact that this comes during a season that is almost falling short to mediocrity.

I will not get to drawn into the recent events about the club trying to mitigate “persistent standing over health and safety issues”, because Tuckster already gave a bit of insight on it yesterday, nevertheless I find that the situation is so ridiculous that it demanded a few extra thoughts on it.

From the outside it seems odd and confusing, in times when the club is trying to transmit that more passion is required from the stands, whilst at the same times warnings are being issued about persistent standing in regards to health and safety issues. I understand why supporters are upset.

Certainly, the club is issuing the warning in regards of a warning issued to them from a county body that “has the power to revoke the club`s safety certificate”.

I have followed football long enough and seen enough games outside of England, of which on any given day you have supporters being stabbed in the stands, to personally state that the current situation is almost comical.

Carrow Road is indeed one of the safest grounds in England, and probably would top the safety list in the world – only losing closely against the soccer grounds in the United States some of which are comparable to going to Disneyland.

Yes, standing is not allowed after the Hillsborough disaster in any of the top two divisions. Nevertheless, evolution is essentially work in progress, and the club board plus the fans agree that “safe standing” is achievable – maybe necessary.

What is it expected from supporters? I fear that at some point lights will be installed in the back of every seat to alert the stewards when someone stands up. Or in the near future supporters will be asked to wear a neck collar – like the one Windom Earle installed on Leo Johnson in nineties TV show Twin Peaks – so if you stand up during the match a burst of electric current will shock you.

But my main worry is that if Mr. Farke`s pupils don`t perform at the weekend, things could actually get a bit nasty, I`m afraid to say.


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  • Norfolk County Council committee comprises of a ‘ pick anyone with time for a jolly ‘ selection
    procedure and I have a close friend who turned it down as they were too busy only for a totally inexperienced person to join in with the ‘ jolly outing ‘ .

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