Date: 7th August 2018 at 6:00am
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Saturday’s 2-2 draw had plenty of talking points amongst the Canary Nation with both good and bad being spoken about on social media.

I like to have a look through the thoughts and tweets of the fans after a match if nothing else but to gain a little idea as to what the general mood among the fans currently is.

After the opening game of this season, much of the talk seemed to be around the performance of the only player who started both last season’s opening game and this one, James Husband.

Husband has been a divisive figure among the fan base but only really in terms of the stick that he gets. One side gives him absolute pelters and the other suggests that he needs support, rather than destroying him.

Most seem to agree that he hasn’t been good enough since signing from Middlesbrough last summer.

It’s been a regular theme over the last 15 years or so, with it seeming as though there’s always a target for some sections of our “support”.

Andy Hughes, Karl Robinson, Josh Murphy and even Gary Doherty. I remember the Doc getting absolute pelters initially but unlike many, he managed to turn that around.

It does seem as though some need a target and at the moment, that is James Husband. Here’s a flavour of the feeling on Twitter.

Where does the lad go from here?

Personally, I’m in the camp that thinks that giving him dog’s abuse on Twitter is not helpful and it’s also sometimes deeply unpleasant. On the other hand, this is the age we live in and it’s part and parcel of modern life. Being able to vent your spleen in a public forum and reach every corner of the planet is where we’re at, ladies and gentlemen.

It seems to me that not everything about technological advancement is necessarily a good thing.

Anyway, what happens with him now? Surely Daniel Farke can’t start him against West Brom after this performance and if Jamal Lewis isn’t fit then Stiepermann has to be the pick at left back.

The lad himself needs to take some action himself though to improve his game, in whatever form that may take. He’s a professional footballer and he’s earning a lot of money, so he needs to be worth that large sum each week.

I can’t imagine for one second that he wants to play badly. He would surely want to be playing at as high a level as he can manage so let’s not forget that he isn’t playing badly, deliberately.

He’s human like the rest of us, so cut him a little slack on social media until he can recover some semblance of form. Giving him stick at the game, or any other player for that matter, is, within reason, an age-old right of fans who pay their money and cheer or boo what they appreciate and what they don’t.

At the moment though, JH looks a mile away from being our regular left back.


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