Date: 1st February 2018 at 11:00am
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Last night`s 7pm announcement from Norwich City, declaring that the club had completed all it’s transfer business for the January window was very well received for the fan blogger, such as yours truly.

It saved me from having to stay up until 11 and I finally felt that I could relax. It`s been a hectic month in the Tuckster`s world.

A typical week day in the last month starts at 5.45am when the alarm goes off and I haul myself up. To be honest, my body clock usually has me awake a few minutes before hand because I`ve been waking at this hour for quite a while now.

What follows is a quick shower, shave and then a bowl of porridge (the breakfast of champions) while checking the iPad for transfer news. If there`s anything big, or just worth reporting, then I`ll write a quick article and then it`s off to work – my real job.

Throughout the day, I`m checking my iPhone for more news and then using my trusty device to publish articles, as using work computers is frowned on – I should stress this is all done during breaks, in case my boss is reading, and this has no impact on my work whatsoever! When I get home, the same occurs but then I have the luxury of using the laptop or iPad to write stuff, which is much easier. Mrs T tuts and shakes her head a lot in January.

Anyway, this goes on for the whole month. I`m aware that I have to be pretty quick once news develops because if Vital Norwich isn`t up with it, then what`s the point?

Sometimes I get a little scoop, like Norwich buying RvW, that was announced to shareholders of Sporting Lisbon and then up here on VN next. In more recent times, Marley Watkins was announced as a Canary here almost a week before the club did it formally.

Then there was the sale of Alex Pritchard with VN carrying that at lunchtime on the day it became public news. My source called me to say that the deal was done and that the player was discussing personal terms – it wasn`t until John Percy of The Telegraph tweeted about it at teatime that the rest of the local media got on board and started publishing. There have been quite a few others but I don`t want to bore you, I see them as small victories over the “big boys” of the media.

So you see, it`s worth sticking with me. I don`t claim to be “in the know”, far from it, but occasionally I get a little snippet or two.

You`re probably wondering “why do you do all this?”

That`s a question I often ask myself.

It started out with me answering an ad on the site, which was looking for writers. I`ve always enjoyed writing and what better way to do that than by writing about something I love, my football club, Norwich City.

It does take up quite a lot of my time but I don`t see it as a chore and I enjoy it. I enjoy reading the comments that people write about my articles and it`s all about opinions.

Most of what you read on Vital Norwich is written by me. Not because I don`t want help, far from it. My best mate LeeBoz helps out when I`m on holiday etc but he has a young family, so can`t write too much more and then I have Hunter Yeats, from Chile.

Yes, Chile.

He`s a top man and will be here for the Middlesbrough game. He too has his own job that means he travels a lot but he loves Norwich City and writes when he can.

So that, is what it`s like to be the Editor of a site like Vital Norwich, in the summer and in January it`s a bit full on but it`s very enjoyable.

I get stats to read from the chaps at Vital HQ and can tell you that you good people made 175,491 visits to Vital Norwich during last month. I don`t know if that`s a lot or not, when compared to similar sites but I think it`s quite a lot.

Incidentally, if you fancy writing, regularly or just now and again, then give me a mail and we`ll get you up on the site. Every now and then, I could do with a little help 🙂



4 Replies to “The January Life Of A Norwich City Fan Blogger”

  • Tuckster, good job!!! Our opinions may differ at times but always impressed with your balanced point of view. Really enjoyed reading and enjoying your articles… keep up the good work! OTBC!

  • Great job Tuckster.
    I appreciate how much time it takes you when juggling work and family.

    I would like to write an article now and then although it may not be appreciated
    by fans of the Smiffs and people who do not like criticism of owners, management and players.

    I always bore people with my 100 hour working week stories but am beginning to create a bit more time for football !

  • I always read your articles, and find them the best coverage of the club about. I never comment, but am always interested in the ‘fan temperature’ on here, and you get a good perspective for how the club is going. Keep up the good work, come on you yellas!

  • Thanks guys. DG, I?d be more than happy to publish some of your thoughts, just drop me a line when you?re ready…

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