Date: 23rd November 2018 at 8:07am
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Stuart Webber has refuted speculation linking him with a move to Southampton.

Whilst the Canaries were away in Tampa Bay, The Telegraph linked City’s Sporting Director with a Premier League move. Clearly, the football world is taking notice of the job that Webber has done, first with Huddersfield and now, with an ailing (I don’t think that’s unfair) Norwich City, turning both clubs around and pointing them upwards.

Speaking at last night’s Carrow Road AGM, Webber clarified the situation as reported here by the EDP.

“I have no reason to lie about that.

“If I ever was approached the first people to know would be Delia and Michael. That would be out of respect,” he said. “I will never forget this club took a gamble on me when I was relatively unknown at Huddersfield.

“To give me that opportunity at such a big club is something I will never take for granted.

Will I be here for the rest of my life? Probably not. Either through someone else’s choice or mine. That is football. I am not a Norwich fan. I am settled, my family are settled here but one day I have ambitions to go and work abroad and try different experiences.

“What I would say is there is a pretty big job to do. I have been here 18 months and it feels like we have only started. It feels like 18 days some times. There is loads to do and from my side I would like the opportunity to see that through.”

To me, that’s brilliant honesty from Mr Webber and it leaves the Canary Nation in no doubt as to where he’s at. He’s not a Norwich fan, as he says, and he’d like to work abroad too but not yet.

Fair enough.

We are all Norwich fans and we won’t ever be supporting anyone else. That’s the emotion that we have embedded as a fan and you can’t expect an employee to have that who wasn’t born and bred here.

In the meantime, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that our Sporting Director will see the job through and get us to the Premier League. If that does happen though, it seems that it’s likely to happen without a big January transfer push.

Webber added that the club don’t have any big plans for January unless their hand was forced through a big money offer for a player. I suppose the most susceptible player to such a move would be Timm Klose, who is in a great vein of form right now and only has six months left on his contract. Money talks and I suspect that if the right offer came in, such as contact from his first club, Basel, then he’d have a decision to make. Webber did speak about Timm specifically and said the club would like to keep him past next summer. We’ll see.

The other big topic (as the man himself might say) for the Canary Nation is the contract of Daniel Farke, that also runs out in the summer. Webber said that both men are relaxed about the situation though which is again reported here by the EDP.

“Daniel and I speak a lot about his contract,” said Webber. “We first spoke about it last Christmas if you want the truth. We had dinner, and it was a very honest conversation about whether he felt settled at this club and would he like to be here longer. He has always said he likes it here and he wants to be here longer.

“We had a good chance to talk at length when he was in Tampa. I am pretty sure he wants to stay and we can sort something soon.

“We are all relaxed. Normally when that is the case then things get done.

“Now I would be surprised if we don’t sort something out. Daniel is pretty rare as a manager or a head coach in that he is genuinely very selfless.

“He has his head down, works unbelievably hard, and with that in mind it doesn’t become a major agenda item for him. As a character I am probably the same the other way. so let’s speak when the time is right.

“I believe in complete transparency with our staff. Daniel is a key member of staff and he needs to know the challenges ahead if we stay in this league.

“That is being honest, not painting a picture where he signs a new contract and in 12 months we pull the rug from under his feet.”

Three months ago, the City faithful were starting to turn after a very poor start to the season but now, the thought of losing our Head Coach is a rather unpleasant thought.

I’m trying keep as relaxed about it as Stuart Webber.



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