Date: 5th February 2018 at 12:44pm
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Super Tom Trybull – arguably as good a free signing as we`ve ever picked up.

The young German midfielder has been through a few clubs since leaving Werder Bremen, for one reason or another, but he seems to have found a home in Norfolk and I`m glad he has.

Tom is not only a tough tackler in the defensive role but crucially, he can pick a pass and as we saw on Saturday, he can also score the odd goal. His third of the season was one for the album and assisted by Alex Tettey, who played the ball to him.

Tettey and Trybull have forged an excellent defensive midfield partnership but it looks likely to only last for the rest of the season with all the odds looking like Alex will move on in the summer when his contract expires. He`s been a good servant to the club but at his age and with those knees, his Norwich career is in it`s twilight days now.

Nothing is of course certain and he could yet stay. Perhaps for another year as he`s certainly proven his worth, after being told by Daniel Farke before the season`s start that he was looking to “play another way.” As it turned out, he was restored to the starting XI after the Millwall drubbing in August and been a first choice (when fit) ever since.

Much would depend on Tettey wanting to stay and the club wanting him as well. Money might be an issue, as Alex is probably on a salary that Stuart Webber would fancy trimming and he`s the wrong side of 30, not to mention those rumours of his wife wanting to return to Norway.

We`ll see.

Getting back to Tom Trybull though, he will definitely be here, after signing on at Carrow Road until 2021. The question will be who partners him?

Ben Godfrey would be a candidate, so too would be the very unlucky (with injuries) Louis Thompson, both of whom are excellent young players.

Having met Tom a couple of times, I can tell you that he comes across as a very polite and humble young man, who seems genuinely pleased to be here and he`s backed that up on the pitch time and again.

He also has the best song of any current player in green and yellow!

Daniel Farke obviously knew of him, and Trybull freely admits he didn`t know the City Head Coach before he came to Norfolk but Farke did his homework and convinced Tom this was the club for him. It`s nice to know that there are such players around and in Moritz Leitner, we have another player that has plenty of talent but has struggled to fit in in the last couple of years, first at Lazio and then at Augsburg. Daniel Farke was key in him coming to Norwich and let`s hope we can keep him in the summer.

If James Maddison goes for a big fee then I reckon, after only watching him for 30 minutes on Saturday, that Mo could be the man we choose to replace him.

As I`ve said before, we aren`t a knee jerk kind of reacting club anymore. There`s clearly a lot more planning and preparation going into transfers than arguably there ever has been.

The future, especially in midfield is looking rosy.



4 Replies to “The Norwich Midfield Is Looking Good For The Future”

  • Tuckster, another good article!!! It is shrewd to sign Trybull and even better to sign Leitner! These signings might just be the catalyst for Maddison to stay for one more season, and if we get promoted, then perhaps another few more seasons!!! Yes I?m being overly optimistic, but at least after so many years of suffering under CH and AN, finally we see some sort of future. 🙂

  • So nice to read an article by someone who sees it how it is ..I think ben godfrey will take tettey’s position next season and if louis Thompson as you say becomes fit then theres competition ….I’m also really interested in seeing what the new striker brings really exciting …and just two more points the first hanley, zimmermann and klose starting to remind me of the days of bruce and Watson and one of the most interesting points of farkes midweek interview for me was that he thought after players out and new in he thought the dressing room was already much stronger ! ;)))
    Farke life )))

  • It matters very little unless we score more goals because it is utterly miserable to watch city right now. I think a lot of fans have become so used to watching dross that they are deluding themselves this is some fantastic system in place.

    I don’t deny these players are looking like they have at least been scouted and considered, but the entertainment factor has to improve ten fold before I part with another penny for NCFC.

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