Date: 3rd March 2018 at 8:54am
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As you will know, Norwich City`s game at Barnsley today has been postponed due to ice and snow.

As Daniel Farke started his presser at Colney yesterday, a pitch inspection was going on at Oakwell and the news came through during the press conference that the game was off.

The pitch was likely to be playable but it was the approaches and roads around the stadium that were deemed unsafe. That`s pretty typical in the modern day with health and safety seeming to take more and more control over what we do in all walks of life.

I suppose when you`ve got 15-2000 people turning up at one place at the same time in such conditions it could be problematic and no doubt the clubs are worried about litigation if some clumsy tool, whose had a pint too many slips over on club property.

That`s life in 2018 for you, it`s not always better, is it?

Anyway, the press conference went ahead and Daniel Farke spoke about many subjects, including the need to score more goals and that the need to bring in players capable of doing that is high on his agenda, it`s a “topic” for him and Stuart Webber.

In amongst that though was this gem of an insight into life under Farke and how he won`t stand for nonsense.

When asked about the snow and how it affects things in Germany, by the EDP`s Michael Bailey, he reeled off a few anecdotes regarding Friday morning and excuses he`d received from various players.

For example, before he arrived in England, he assumed “Welsh guys were tough” but he described Marley Watkins sending him a photo of snow on his car.

Nelson Oliveira sent him pictures of snow and said “it`s too dangerous to drive.”

Farke responded by sending him back a photo of Louis Thompson who was in on time for training and who lives two doors away from Nelson – eventually, Nelson managed to get to training!

Have a watch for yourselves and enjoy by clicking the link, courtesy of the Pink ‘Un



4 Replies to “There`s No Business Like Snow Business”

  • I?m really beginning to love this Guy !
    A no nonsense common sense manager
    Whom I?m convinced is leading us in the right direction
    Keep the faith and keep DF

  • Agree with sentiments. Disagree with him saying them to press unless they were intended to be comical. Only comical German is Henning Vehn : )
    As for keeping the faith, I now understand that DF has a 2 point plan to score more goals,
    to improve on the pathetic goal a game over 7 months. I would suspect this needs to be
    keep Maddison and buy strikers who can actually score.

  • I think he was right. We are a nation that grinds to a half at the first sign of snow. If the roads were gritted and clear where is the problem? It’s not as if they don’t have indoor training areas. Then again we have team members capable of sustaining serious injury getting out of a car on a dry day. Perhaps the little loveys should be wrapped in cotton wool and kept in a drawer during the season. Man up comes to mind. Least we forget, the season is in its final 1/3 now. The last thing Farke needed was half a dozen players in the treatment room with Xbox related repetitive strain injuries sustained during their wintery lay off.

  • Definitely said in a comical way. He has a decent sense of humour and has gripped our ?national breakdown? at the first sign of snow and shown it up for what it is – farcical!

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