Date: 20th September 2019 at 3:35pm
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Norwich City’s Sporting Director, Stuart Webber says that his newly signed three-year-deal will most likely be the end of his time at the club.

The Canaries announced that the architect of their success had signed his new contract on Thursday evening to what seemed like complete approval from the Canary Nation on social media. I didn’t read a single negative comment about the announcement and let’s be honest, who could have a bad word to say about it?!

During his Friday lunchtime press conference, Head Coach Daniel Farke spoke about the relationship that he has with Webber and said:

 “Stuart is one of the main reasons I came to Norwich. It’s a pleasure to work with him.”

“He’s a cornerstone for our success in the last two years.”

After that press conference though, Radio Norfolk’s Chris Goreham sat down with Stuart Webber and discussed his future.

As ever, Webber was open, honest and frank about the situation, stating that this new three-year-deal will bring him to the end of his time with the club. He has made no secret of his ambition to work abroad and he wants his son, who will be six in three years’ time, to get maximum benefit from being able to learn a new language.

He also admits to making mistakes but he says that he has learned and continues to learn from them.

Whatever happens over the next three years (Daniel Farke is also under contract until 2022), I think that it’s only going to get better. I can tell you that the club is in a better place than it has been at any time in the last forty years of me going to Carrow Road. The set-up behind the scenes has been skilfully organised off the pitch and, up till now, brilliantly executed on the pitch.

Make no mistake though, Webber feels that there is a lot more to accomplish here yet. I particularly liked the comments about wanting to bring his son to Carrow Road in thirty years’ time and to see a flourishing, successful football club and that the current incumbents in charge will not just be remembered for winning the Championship title and beating Manchester City.

Here’s the interview, have a listen.


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4 Replies to ““Three Years Will Probably Be The End Of My Time At Norwich City””

  • I like his honesty usually but I would rather not know. It feels like a countdown now and 3 years is not long to achieve what he has stated. I would rather enjoy it while it lasts ignorant of a self implemented expiration. Personally, I think it was a stupid thing to say. If he now fails he is going to look like such a tool and if he succeeds it will come with a supporter fear based on his contractual expiry. Besides, what is wrong with his son learning the new language that is norfolk?!

  • At least we can plan for his replacement in time. Maybe he will be able to get someone in to assist him before he leaves. I just worry that three years will mean the smiths will still be in place. Also will DF leave too? Both on three year deals…2022 could be disastrous if both leave at the same time.

  • I think we have to accept that if DF progresses as he currently is and is successful at Norwich, whether that be stabilising them in the PL or winning a cup, then if a big Bundesliga club came in for him like a Dortmund or a Bayern then he would go. There are still levels in football that will prove too irresistible to players and coaches alike if they are offered. Next summer and the potential attraction in our best players worries me more…

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