Date: 2nd January 2018 at 3:52pm
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Nelson Oliveira`s status at Norwich City has changed since the last transfer window.

The Portuguese striker was regarded by media and fans as probably the main piece of the puzzle for any kind of promotion push this season, but with half of the season over, it seems a good time for Stuart Webber to cash in on Nelson.

To be honest, his production has been quite decent at times. As it stands, he has scored more league goals than any other Norwich City player, and clearly has the quality, eye for goal and still a whole lot of potential. Nevertheless, he seems to me a man that is not enjoying his football at the moment, a man playing for himself rather than his teammates.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “no man is an island”. If we are going to have any kind of expectation for a late promotion push, a cohesive squad is a must, and Nelson seems a bit out of tune in Farke`s orchestra, looking very isolated at times.

The power of observation through body language can be a pretty certain predictor to a player`s state of mind and current run of form. You can also learn from observing a footballer how his relationship with his teammates is, and it seems to me that Nelson has drifted from the rest.

Surely at this point there will still be many suitors for Nelson, with a reported £10m bid from Swansea being rejected in the summer and with Wolves still in the hunt for another striker to make a pairing with workhorse, Leo Bonatini. And also let’s not forget Reading.

Tuckster said it recently, it seems this will be a busy window after all, and personally I believe that cashing in on Nelson would benefit the club`s finances and also make room to bring two more strikers of a decent pedigree – or three in case Jerome is also departing.

It`s a fact that Norwich City has one of the worst scoring records in the league, and prolific strikers are needed to boost the ranks. Nelson is still probably one of the best strikers in the division, on paper, but at this time his future might rest elsewhere for the benefit of all parties involved.


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3 Replies to “Time To Sell Nelson Oliveira?”

  • Agreed YB.
    We definitely need to keep Nelson and remove Jerm1ssome asap.

    If Nelson was to be sold it would be for less than a scoring replacement would cost
    and by the time of adding on Agents fees etc, what would be the point.

    Get what we can for the 1 goal machine and use that to get a keen youngster to add to
    Nelson and then DF needs to e think our goal scoring strategy.

  • 100% agree with YB and DG. I will put down Oliveira body language in the past game as tiredness. Selling a striker who recently shared an international dressing room with Christiano Ronaldo is madness. Like what DG says, how are we going to get an quality replacement? Especially during the notorious Jan window where players are often overvalued? The focus should still be clearing out the deadwood trio: Naismith, Jerome, and Martin.

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