Date: 24th September 2017 at 3:31pm
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As you may know or may not, I am one of a few Norwich City supporters who was neither born nor lives in England. But due to the particular nature of my job, I am always able to visit the fine city of Norwich one or two times per year. Of course, the occasional visit to Carrow Road when City are playing is a must.

Being the salesman for an international company is a bit like impersonating a modern day wanderer. Visiting many countries and cities, meeting different people and cultures, although in the end everything blends in a bit together as memories fade with time.

There are a few corners of the world that I can feel at home, and Norwich is not the exception. But as a Norwich City supporter things feel a bit different and special about the city.

Arriving at the train station and starting to walk towards the city centre seem like travelling back a few centuries in time as the walls covered with flint stones welcome the visitor. The Wensum river seems to be at stand still almost as a mirror to the sky and the old constructions covered with moss that appear to emerge from underwater.

The first time I came to Norwich was purely a matter of coincidence, and I hadn`t had the chance to go to a proper football match at Carrow Road up until last year.

This year though, things where a bit different. Our dear editor Tuckster managed to provide tickets for the match against Bristol City, and one of his famous sources inside Carrow Road was able to set us up with special tickets for the Gunn Club and Man of the Match interview after the game.

There are certain days when fortunate events seem to appear one after the other in some sort of momentum. After stopping by the Canaries Trust stand we were walking towards our seats when we saw a couple of illustrious Norwich City characters having a chat. It was Tom Smith and Robin Sainty.

Back in May I took part in a charity match at Carrow Road, in which I was fortunate enough to play alongside Grant Holt. After the match Tom Smith introduced himself and we had a brief chat.

That said, Tuckster and I – mostly I – felt entitled to respectfully join the conversation for a brief stint. As you may be aware, Robin is the Chariman of the Canaries Trust. They are in a crusade to purchase Norwich City shares to build a strong Trust, so it can play a vital role leveraging the club supporters with owners.

It feels quite right to see one of the shareholders – possibly the main shareholder in the future – having a casual chat outside the stadium with outmost normality.

We had great seats, unfortunately there were not many emotions in a dull scoreless draw. At least we had the consolation prize of an after match gathering with Man of the Match, Tom Trybull.

Unfortunately for Tuckster, he was driving, so he had to bear with me having a couple of beers while the presenter was interviewing Tom Trybull. He seems really down to earth, a humble footballer that knows how hard the road has been for him, and that finally he has the chance of his lifetime. The one that escaped his hands at Bremen, at Den Haag. He will not let it go this time.

We may be having Tom Trybull for some time – and rather sooner than later Norwich City must offer him a longer contract. Tom was kind enough to take pictures with supporters – including myself – and sign everything that he was handed.

The day is over. It was great day out for me, at home. I am writing this piece on a train to Cambridge, because the wanderer has to be back on the road. My appreciations to Tuckster, and also special thanks to Leeboz on this fantastic Carrow Road experience. See you next time.



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  • Happy for you Hunter! Like you, I live in a far away country so can understand the feelings of attending a live game at Carrow Road!

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