Date: 24th July 2017 at 10:10pm
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Much has been said about the Canaries leaky defence last term and it certainly appears that Messrs Webber and Farke have swiftly gone about adding reinforcements to the battalion at the back.

Midfield is well accounted with a glut of defensively minded individuals backing up the generals and odd flair players – so that leaves us with the front line to consider.

With five goals in five pre-season games Oliviera seems nailed on for the starting berth but Nelson will need at least three back up strikers capable of wading in with 10+ goals this season.

Now, unless the aforementioned Webarke (I’m going to use this term to describe Webber and Farke together aka Brangelina) have some outrageous plans it is unlikely they will sell Jerome to Fulham, so I’m guessing he’ll be our first choice sub at the start of the season.

Jerome is still running hard and certainly Naismith’s goal against Arminia Bielefeld owed a lot to his pace and endeavour. He’ll probably hit double figures – maybe 15 which will be a decent return – but what options if either he or Lord N get injured?

Interestingly, despite every other source on the inter-web labelling him as a midfielder, Marley Watkins has been listed as a ‘forward’ on Are they just clutching at straws?

The only other forward in the first team squad is Carlton Morris – who is on loan to Shrewsbury for the season.

So – what is the plan?

The only transfer gossip at the moment seems to be for other defenders.

At the fans forum Webarke suggested that it was time to give youth the chance – but that the academy players needed time to develop. This time could be covered with some clever loans – so that seems the likely route.

Frustratingly though Bernard Ashley-Seal, one of only a handful of promising academy (and a striker) seems Chelsea bound.

So with no academy players likely to be ready for at least three years we need a permanent signing. Someone capable of scoring goals for fun in a team that will continue to carve out multiple chances every game.

Who is that player? Who can we realistically afford?

Come on Webarke….time to invest some of that £12,000,000


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10 Replies to “Where Will The Goals Come From?”

  • Marley Watkins can play as a centre forward. He’s the type that plays off the shoulder. That’s your 3rd choice and 4th would be Naismith. In the event that we’re desperate. I believe the remaining transfer business is for a centre half and central midfielder.

  • A goal scorer is required. Variety is required from Nelson.
    These Jerome rumours are strange as they keep surfacing so unless somebody
    wants him then maybe agent is looking for a final move for him.
    I am not a fan of his but if he is going it needs to be very soon.

  • I question if Farkes style accommodates a 1st choice / second choice forward. I fancy he is far more horses for courses. He’ll start the player he considers best suited to each occasion. We do appear light up top. Then again so we did last season, and still weighed in with a sizable goal tally. The unfortunate thing is that Murphy’s 12 million is unlikely to buy an experienced strikers bootlace. Any addition therefore, will be another in the calculated gamble category.

  • What occasion arises when we do no require to score ? When it does Jerome can play : )

  • CJ managed 1 every 2.5 games last season. Just under 20% of the teams total. Not a dreadful return, though NO 15 in 27 was more impressive.

  • We need a goalscorer who is going to fire us into the Prem . Sorry , but the ageing Jerome is NOT the answer . Last seasons 7th finish in the Championship top scorers table went a long way towards our failure to go up . He is the past , and to me his very name is synoninous with the last two seasons dreadful failings

  • We’ll, he’s not electric but neither is he a slouch. Plenty of good finishers were never in the reckoning for an Olympic 100 m qualification.
    Meanwhile, why is CJ taking so much flack for the club failing promotion? We scored 85 league goals. The same as the poachers from the northeast who gained promotion. Goals came from all around the squad. CJs role last season was as much about holding the ball up until players joined him. Something he did very well. Yes he should have had more. There were some glaring misses. But would another ten on his personal tally, 95 team goals, have tipped the balance in favour of promotion? No, probably not. 69 goals conceded!!!! That’s where the problem lay. A defence that without CJs goals could have dragged us back to wilderness of division one.

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