Date: 7th March 2009 at 11:06pm
Written by: yellow belly

It all started so well!

An easy ninety minute run on the motorway and into Blackpool with no delays. We parked near the ground and walked back to the ‘Auctioneer’ to meet up with Harry and FFL. After a pint or two of excellent cask ale and good company, we walked to the ground.

From that moment it was all downhill. £27 to get in and that temporary wooden stand open to the elements was worse than expected. Groans from the crowd as Roeder, er sorry I mean Gunn had Cort up front on his own with Hoolahan just behind him. Obviously the Management didn’t want to win this one then.

From kick off the game went to type. Norwich starting fairly brightly, but with no penetration, due mainly I guess to our squad of totally average lightweight players. As per usual passes went astray, or we would be easily be dispossessed by a Blackpool team who clearly understood the importance of staying up more that Norwich City did.

In that first half we had a stiff wind at our backs and should have taken advantage of that to create havoc in the Blackpool penalty area. But the Board must have told the Norwich City players that relegation was not a possibility so they all took things nice and easy. That perhaps was personified by the lazy Mr Carl Cort who was so relaxed over Norwich Citys predictament that he couldn’t be bothered to jump for any ball coming his way.

We got to half time at 0-0. One or two chances had come our way. But is was disquieting to note that those chances came from defenders, and not our woeful attackers.

With the wind behind them in the second half, a very poor Blackpool side easily put us to the sword. OK their first goal may have been wind assisted, but they were nonetheless getting to the line at will.

After the second goal, as if Norwich hadn’t already given up, from then on they looked like they couldn’t care less. Attacks were half hearted, passes were woeful, and even when Croft and Hoops came off their replacements were just as ineffectual.

And most fans had given up. Almost half had gone by the final whistle, unable to watch the pathetic drivel any longer. At the final whistle a lot of fans went to the front of the stand to give the players the V sign and to tell them to ‘**** off’.

Only Shacks had the guts to applaud the fans. The rest of the team turned their backs on us and walked off, no doubt looking forwards to a nice fat wage at the end of the week.

So Norwich City helped Blackpool maintain their Championship status, while we took another step in cheaply and lazily throwing ours away. All in all another miserable away day – but I have come to expect that supporting Norwich City this season.

Collective team score – 0 out of 10.

Man Of The Match. FFL who got up at 6am and drove to Blackpool on his own and the 900 others of us who spent huge sums of money, and great deal of time, and got little sleep to watch this.

Chant of the day from the Blackpool fans as yet another of our crap passes went into touch – ‘That’s why you’re going down’.

Best moment of the day – It hardly rained.