Date: 7th May 2013 at 9:12am
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The Tuckster asks about James Vaughan for the visit of WBA and lays out a positive team selection to muse on…

Right, this is it – crunch time. I can’t see that this is anything more than a one match shoot out for us now.

WBA at home on Sunday is the one, you can effectively write off the last match away at Man City because even with nothing to play for that game could be a horror show for us.

So what should CH do? The club have cancelled the end of season dinner (fair enough) to concentrate all efforts on the remaining two games and CH has admitted to not sleeping as he turns over ideas and selection problems in his head?

If I was him, here’s what I’d do.

We have to win the game on Sunday so we have to be positive. That means going two up front and going 4-4-2. After Bunn’s poor positioning for the second goal against Villa, John Ruddy has to start.

It will give the crowd and everyone else a lift. No slight on Bunny but he is not John Ruddy.

In midfield, I think I would play Johnson for sure with either Howson or Tettey alongside him.

I’ve moaned plenty about Johnny H in recent weeks but against Arsenal and Villa he was pretty good. Wes would be unlucky to sit on the bench but he’s there if we need him later on.

The back four is fairly stable but if Turner is fit I’d start with him instead of Bennett. Before his recent injury he was in a little vein of scoring form from set pieces and he’s more of a threat there than Bennett, who I must say has been pretty good in general since he came in.

I’d play Pilkington and Snodgrass on the wings, if Snoddy isn’t fit then his place goes to Elliot B.

Up front, is where I’m going to surprise you. Holt always has scored his goals in numbers when he plays with another front man.

I thought about Jackson to add some pace but then it occurred to me that James Vaughan is back, fresh from a 14 goal haul at Huddersfield.

Now, I’ve not been totally conviced by Vaughany but he is fit, in form and was just voted The Terriers’ player of the season, so he must be doing something right.

Jackson hasn’t played a lot of football but JV would be bang at it.

I heard he’d come back to City – is he available? I’m assuming so. If he is, I’d start him on Sunday.

This isn’t the time for recriminations and I won’t even get into why Becchio, a free scoring striker at the turn of the year, has disappeared into the mists of Colney without so much as a look in but he needs to be on the bench with Jackson.

We are in serious trouble and I am very concerned and I know you all are too…



5 Replies to “You Must Play Two Strikers!”

  • Vaughan isn’t available, McNally confirmed this yesterday. I assume Chris Martin isn’t either

  • D’oh! I guess we just have to go with what we’ve got. I’d play Jackson with Holty in that case…

  • I have been banging on about 4 4 2 for ages but with KK being preferred by CH and now not here that would leave Holty up front with either jacko or becchio who may have lost any confidence they have by not playing more than a few minutes for months.
    I would therefore go 4 4 1 1 based on Snoddy / Pilks / Hoolahan having adequate attacking skills to make it 4 3 3 if we go out for attack. I woudl rather have wes in team than a second striker without any confidence.
    Agreed about Ruddy who may have saved the villa second goal and tettey / johnson in midfield.

  • He was the best we had in pre season yet Hugh sent him out on loan. I am sure he would have scored a few this season and been more of a threat then Jackson – Keane – KK – Becchio have been.

    I would love to have him on the bench for saturday but not going to happen.

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