Date: 9th December 2017 at 8:51pm
Written by:

Well, I`ve just got back from the Sheffield Wednesday game and I`m starting to warm up again but thought I`d just quickly write a bit about the standing issue in the Barclay.

If you were there or watched the game on TV, you`ll have noticed that although in the first half quite a few in “A” block did sit down, the rest of the Barclay appeared to be on their feet from beginning to end.

Once we got the equaliser and then went ahead, the majority of the Barclay stand were on their feet and at one point, all bouncing up and down.

So, what now?

It seems that the club and/or safety group now have a big decision to make. I cannot see the Barclay all just sitting down and what about blocks B, C, D and E?

The Barclay sang “We`re getting banned in the morning” in the second half as the team finally gave us something to shout about.

One word about the attendance, which was reported on the scoreboard as being 25, 564, there is no way that could be accurate. There were more empty seats for a league game than I can remember seeing for years.

My guess would be that the attendance was closer to 21,000 and it actually looked as though there were more empty seats, to my eye, after halftime.

It`s worth noting how cold it was and that the game was being screened on SKY TV but even so, it might`ve been a worrying sign of the times for the board – or not.


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