Date: 2nd March 2018 at 12:25pm
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If like me, you have a ticket to see Barnsley v Norwich tomorrow then, assuming you`re not snowed in (like me) you`re probably anxiously eyeing the weather.

With the amount of snow and ice about this week, it`s not looking good for the game to be on, although there`s no official announcement yet.

Barnsley have announced that a pitch inspection will be carried out this afternoon but a statement on the Tykes official site says that “The pitch is one of the factors that will determine whether the game can go ahead or not.

“The club wil ensure everyone can plan their weekend travel at the earliest opportunity.”

As I said, I`m snowed in. There are only two roads in and out of my village and both are blocked by snow drifts about 3-4 feet deep. There is a rather annoying downside to all this snow too, as I was supposed to be going to Sheffield with a group of mates (12 of us originally) for a lads weekend.

Why Sheffield? Well, it was decided by Sky Sports Soccer Saturday. On one day earlier in the season, it was decided that we would go to the place that the first goal was scored that day for our annual weekend of tom foolery.

The only stipulations were that the goal must be scored by a football league team, no Premier League allowed, and that we would go there for a weekend and watch a game of football, dr8nk too much and have loads of laughs.

As it turned out, Sheffield United scored the first goal on that particular day. We had thought we`d go and see the club who scored that goal but no one likes Sheffield United, do they?

So, seeing as City were just down the road at Barnsley, it made sense. Sadly for the 9 of my mates that were able to make the train from Norwich this morning, I have the tickets for the game.

I rang Barnsley`s ticket office yesterday as the Norwich ticket office was closed due to “severe weather.” The helpful lady I spoke to said that she would be surprised if the game goes ahead. At the time of my call it was snowing there and she said more was forecast. Luckily, they can re-print the tickets so if the game is on, the lads can pick them up at the ground.

However, I also had a Twitter conversation last night with a Barnsley fan who said there was “no chance” the game would be on due to the approaches to the ground being too treacherous. I suppose if you`ve got 15-20,000 people heading to one place and it`s icy and snowy around there, then it`s likely someone will fall over and break something.

My mates will have plenty of lager inside them, so it`ll probably be one of them!

Fingers crossed it`s on, if only for my mates because I doubt my roads will be cleared for another day or so yet. My missus has told me that people in the local area (via Facebook) have seen snow ploughs at work, so hopefully it`ll be sooner rather than later.

I`ll keep you up to date here but if it`s on and you are going, keep an eye out for a group of nine lads, one of whom has ginger hair and glasses and looks like one of the Proclaimers. His name is Fonz and he`s 40.

Give him a shout out.