Date: 4th November 2017 at 8:09pm
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Norwich City appear to have taken several steps backwards in just seven days.

Prior to the first of three consecutive defeats, against Derby County, Wolves and now Bolton, City were on a decent run that had taken them to sixth in the table with away wins at Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Ipswich in their pocket.

There had even been a near giant killing at The Emirates but eventually losing 2-1 there was no disgrace.

Now though, the picture is far from rosy. You could accept the two defeats at the hands of Derby and Wolves, especially the latter. However, Saturday`s defeat against Bolton, propping up the table at kick off, was a very worrying regression into the bad old days of poor away defeats under Alex Neil.

We look bereft of confidence going forwards and have only one fit striker in Cameron Jerome. Cam has proven himself at this level in the past but he`s got just one goal in fifteen, yep, FIFTEEN appearances for City this season and that is frankly pathetic for a striker.

At Bolton he had three very good chances. He could be forgiven for a good save made by Ben Alnwick in the first half but just a minute later, he was guilty of an absolutely shocking miss from 10 yards when he failed to hit the target, firing woefully wide with the goal at his mercy.

This is the sort of thing that is costing us at the moment. A lack of confidence in front of goal that was underlined in the second half when Josh Murphy went one on one with Alnwick from a great Maddison ball over the top, only to fire straight at the Bolton keeper and then scuff the rebound wide as well.

With every passing game and missed chance, Nelson Oliveira`s stature grows by doing nothing and Jerome`s reputation takes hit after hit among the Canary nation.

The thing with Oliveira is that he doesn`t need loads of chances to score, he is a reliable finisher and usually hits the target. He is badly missed.

I am struggling to see too much difference between the 4-2-3-1 that Daniel Farke plays compared to that employed previously by Alex Neil, apart from the fact that Neil`s formation had goals in them. This current side need to defend perfectly because if we don`t score first then we`re in trouble. We certainly should`ve scored first at the Macron, shouldn`t we, Cam?

The recent revival was kick started by the return of Alex Tettey to the starting XI and how he is missed. His ability to sense trouble and deal with it before it gets too serious is invaluable. Harrison Reed is better on the ball but not such an imposing physical presence or athlete.

Daniel Farke worked miracles after the Millwall drubbing during the following international break and he needs to do so again. City just aren`t enough of a threat and I`m sure we`re all desperately hoping that Nelson`s back, groin, teeth or whatever it is that`s causing his injury woes can be pinpointed and dealt with as soon as possible.

The return of the Portuguese firebrand to the side, along with Tettey and Alex Pritchard cannot come soon enough. Tettey is likely to be another month though and Pritchard around the same. In the meantime, we`re stuck with a blank firing Jerome and a side overly reliant on the young James Maddison.

Remember last season how Antonio Conte changed formation at Chelsea after a series of poor results and went on to win the league? Well, maybe a change of identity and formation on the pitch is what we need. The current Canary side are able to keep the goals conceded down, well, they were, but just aren`t enough of a threat.

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering if the likes of Abrahams, Fonkeu or Phillips from the U23s might be worth a go? Even if only starting on the bench.

Adam Phillips has had some rave reviews for the development side, so why not get him more involved? I could be just clutching at straws because I`m as disappointed as the next fan at the moment.

Scoring goals has to be a priority or you won`t win games. Farke needs to address that quickly or we can kiss goodbye to the top six and any chance of promotion.



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  • The suggestion that Nelson had to return to Portugal to see a ****ing dentist is an insult to our intelligence so I don’t consider it conspiratorial to suggest that something is still not right with the Farke / Oliviera relationship.
    Personally, I don’t like the football but I can see the man has a plan and am happy to give it 2 years to see if he can change the playing persona. Whether or not he can achieve his goals with a limited budget will be interesting, £25m for Maddison would be an obvious move to help build the team. We still have Pritchard after all.

  • There’s no point placing those young strikers in the bench while we watch CJ shank important chances. Just give them a go, we can’t exactly score any less so start one and just ride off their (and the fans) enthusiasm for a few games and see what happens. The owners have rolled the dice one last time by implementing a new setup to cling onto power, but I can’t help feel its going to bite them harder than before as they just don’t have the acumen of a Southampton or a Dortmund who we are trying to emulate.

  • Try anybody apart from Jer1me.
    Every other team has a one up top striker with confidence and finishing
    ability ( even bottom of table Bolton ).
    Sticking with 1 goal in 1037 minutes Jer1me has cost us about 10 points so far.

  • Cameron Jerome. Russell Martin. Steven Naismith. Three deadwood on super high EPL wages who contributes little to the new revolution. This is not Farke?s fault but have a niggling feeling the board is minding into the business of the Head Coach. Sell all three of them, and the club would be able to offer Maddison in excess of 30k per week to keep him at least a couple more seasons. Doesn?t take a genius to realise this.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Tucksters comments on the patheticness of Jerome . He is a loser who is now letting us down for the THIRD season in a row. What worries me greatly is that Farke had said on more than one occasion how happy he is with his front line . I assume DF isn’t blind , so how can he be so happy?

  • Had Jerome finished Pinto?s cut back early in the game, I?m confident the team would have put a few more into Bolton?s net. What irritates me the most is Jerome is on EPL wages!!!

  • Jerome is a waste of time in general but this isn’t news. Webber deserves some criticism for letting us start the season with only 2 senior strikers. Oliveira showed last year he was injury prone and has shown it again this year, leaving us with Jerome only. This was very poor planning and now we are paying the consequences. January can’t come soon enough.

  • Too much adherence to dogma philosophy and system. 2/3 possession without tempo or purpose is now the common theme. As we have to play Jerome at present can we not occasionally play to his strengths? A big strong player should be playing in the centre of the box. All too often he is dragged wide or deep. We need quicker more incisive passing, and more width. At present we are all to easy to defend against, and this far easier to counter.

  • The decision to spend £ 5 million on Hanley and not play him, instead of signing a striker
    appears strange to me.

  • Zimmermann was at fault for the first on Saturday. I wonder if Hanley now needs to start? Spending a big chunk of cash & then not playing him seems strange, to say the least…

  • And what striker were you going to get for 5 million? With such slow turgid ball emanating from mid field I doubt a 50 million name would be faring much better. In musical terms we are symphony with four largo movements. We desperately need variations in tempo.

  • Clywd, 5 million pounds could get an Oliveira- level-striker who could put the ball into the net only 10 yards out from a quality cut back by an overlapping right back.

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