Date: 8th July 2017 at 8:37am
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Last night while I was sitting in the Queen’s Theatre in the West End, watching Les Miserables a bit of a storm broke out among the Canary nation after a story published by HITC Sport

Obviously I didn’t see the news until after the performance, which was extraordinary by the way, but the crux was that City had accepted an offer from Reading for Nelson Oliveira.

I know.

‘Every player has a price’ etc, but selling Nelson? That’s unthinkable, isn’t it?

Having cost us £5m and shown his worth last season, any bid would surely have to be at least £10m, if say.

Anyway, the EDP’s Michael Bailey quickly tweeted this:

‘No they haven’t, I believe. Doesn’t sound like it would be a goer either. So you can sleep easy tonight. #ncfc’


It immediately seems like a bizarre sale and fingers crossed it looks just like silly season in full flow. Hopefully there will be more on this later to negate the story.


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8 Replies to “Surely Oliveira Isn’t For Sale?”

  • Tucks look on this site I broke the news on here too ?? Yes, I might have read it somewhere else but I was on to of the news and posted on here so we were in the loop ??

  • It’s probably just another rumour posted looking for column inches, how many story’s on player transfers actually happen ? Ifs it’s true then it must be one hell of an offer, like at least double we paid for him a year ago, so 10m+, remember Webber said any player has his price and his is probably about 10m ? If they are willing to pay that crazy number NCFC would be foolish to turn it down, there are many very good players in Europe that they can acquire for a hell of a lot less than that. We need to support and trust these guys that they know exactly what they are doing. Any judgement we make should be reserved until at least 10 games are played because then we will actually be able to see if their polices are right.

  • Agree it’s unthinkable. Unlikely to be true but if it is then it has to be a personality clash or work ethic issue. But surely too early for new coaching team to have reached any such conclusions.
    Love Oliviera, absolute class.

  • He has to stay and start most games.
    Time to get shot of Jermissome.

    Tuckster. Musical !! Absolute torture.

  • Ha! Staying over and seeing U2 tonight – Les Mis a concession to Mrs T. It was good though…

  • I thought as much.
    Luckily Mrs DG has inherited my hatred of musicals and my passion for architecture / museums and already loved punk / rock music so no hideous musicals for me ever.

  • Lots of back tracking on this one. Replaced once more with murphy to Newcastle 8.5 million.

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