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Ok…so, let me start by saying that I am generally quite positive about Norwich City. I tend to sit in the camp that recognises the reality of the cash-flow situation with the club and the insane amounts floating around at other clubs. I believe that the owners are committed to the club and are managing things as best as they can with those limitations.

But, today I had to endure one of the worst performances by Norwich that I have seen in years and I am genuinely struggling to know what to make of it.

It was truly desperate.

So, I’ve decided to put down a few words, not many of them will be kind – but this is a fans forum and you’re all welcome to have your say too. If any of the players or club officials read this they’ll probably assume I’m not deserving of calling myself a fan – but for the first time in years I am really quite angry about our club and I feel that Webber might need a serious clear out to progress. We might need to go backwards again to move forward.

So, let’s start with no.1

John Ruddy – John’s form is like a yo-yo. One week he’ll be outstanding, the next, awful. Today he wasn’t too bad. Probably blameless for all three goals and put in a couple of decent stops as well as a well-timed tackle to stop a 1 on 1. But his season has been sporadic and he’s likely to be a high earner. Today’s score? 6/10. Keep or Delete? Delete

#2 – Whittaker

Didn’t play today – thank goodness. We’d have probably lost 5-1. Don’t know how he still has a contract. Let’s move the dead-wood on. Today’s score? n/a Keep or delete? Delete

#3 – Dijks

Mitchell must be wondering what the hell is going on. He’s pleased he’s playing football but wondering what game the rest of the team are playing sometimes. Then he’ll suddenly switch off, shut down and wish he was warming the bench at Ajax. Today’s score 5/10 Keep or Delete? Keep (if we can – highly unlikely)

#4 – Dorrans

Who? Delete.

#5 – Martin

I don’t know what to make of Russ anymore. He’s had a bit of a resurgence over the last few months. His form returning, but overall he’s no better that a fourth choice centre back. Not captain material and if the rumour mill has any truth in it, way too much leverage in the dressing room. He was back to his haphazard best today…absent for the two goals in free play. Today’s score 4/10. Keep or delete? Keep (but only if he drops his wages by 75%, drops his club captain fake-title and drops his expectation to play in the 1st XI)

#6 – Bassong


#7 – Naismith

£8 million. £8 MILLION. £8 F****** Million. He’s got a year left on his contract and we’re probably paying him £40k a week. Seriously what the ****?? Sell him. Sell him for a fiver. Get his wages off the bill. Delete

#8 – Howson

Is going to win player of the season in one of our worst seasons in years. He must be so proud. I’d probably agree with the majority and vote the same way – but he wasn’t playing today….what? He was? Where, in the playground across the road? In the second half when Fulham were down to 10 men Howson should have run the show. He should have been ripping them apart with insightful runs, probing balls and a few long distant shots. Did he? No. He did nothing. Nothing. Today’s score 3/10 Keep or Delete. Keep

#9 Oliveira

I’d been talking with a friend on the way to the ground and we agreed that Norwich look more potent with Oliveira playing, but that when he started he spent too long ‘flicking’ the ball around. He was back at it today. No running, no effort. Looked tired. Today’s score 4/10. Keep or delete? He’s a poor championship player in a poor championship team. We’re not going to get three better strikers in the summer, so he’ll probably be third or fourth choice hopefully. Keep.

#10 Jerome

Got 45 minutes today. Scored. Cared and made an effort. But running out of time. Looking like the years are catching up. Today’s score 6/10 Keep or Delete? Keep – just….

#11 – Jarvis

I doubt he’ll ever reach any decent form. Delete

#13 – Jones

I don’t know. Is he any good?

#14 – Hoolahan

Nostalgia might make me give him another year. But actually I don’t need to be nostalgic. Somehow he still manages to, more often than not, be the best player on the park. Today he was absent. Clearly ready for a well earned break. On top of that his corners today were shocking. Couldn’t get the ball past the first man. A professional footballer unable to deliver a decent corner. Not acceptable. Not acceptable at all. He also needs to trust his right foot a bit more. Missed the chance to equalise at 0-1 because he was so desperate to switch on to his left.
Today’s score? 4/10 Keep or delete? Keep

#15 Klose

He’s good. Today he looked ok. I think we might have won today if Chris Martin’s red carded challenge hadn’t taken Klose out of the game too. Today’s score? 6/10 Keep or delete? Keep. Good lock with that. He’ll be gone by May 8th!

17 – Wildschut

Another chunk of cash for a mediocre player. Might get better with a decent run in the side. Today’s score? n/a Keep or delete? Ideally delete, but that ain’t going to happen.

18 – Mulumbu

Highest earner at the club and quite possibly the worst player. Delete

19 – Lafferty

The clubs most prolific international striker. What a farce. He’ll be gone in a few weeks thank goodness. Bye Lafferty. Delete.

21 – Pritchard

Allegedly trying to get away already and looked like he is desperate to leave. Took over corner duty when Hoolahan gave way and managed to get a few more past the first man….but that was about the sum of his effort. Today’s score 4/10 Keep or delete? Not in our hands but keep if we can.

22/31 Murphy & Murphy

One player with two wages. Let’s be honest these two are interchangeable. So we’re basically paying two salaries for one player. And a rubbish player at that. Not once did they get past a defender today. Not once did they deliver a decent cross. Not once did they spring the offside trap. Not the future of Norwich City. Send them to Coventry. Today’s score 2/10. Keep or delete? Delete

24 – Bennett

Oh dear god. 60 seconds. 60 seconds to kill the game today. Today’s score 2/10. Keep or delete? Delete

25 – Pinto

Pitch War, Yellow Army. Cares, tries and shows passion. Got forward more than Murphy and made better runs. Best player on the park today wearing yellow. Today’s score 7/10. Keep or delete? Keep

26 – Turner

Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete…Where is the delete button?

27 – Tettey

Someone told me today that Tettey is no.1 in the league table for yellow cards collected over the past four seasons. Has always been a robust player and I do like him, but he’s got to have more to his game. He should be offering us more. Today’s score 4/10. Keep or delete? Keep, for one more year.

28 – Maddison

Why is he not playing for us? Keep

33, 34 & 35 – McGovern, Thopson and Godfrey

Back up players for next year – Keep

So, there you have it. Assuming we’ll lose Klose and Dijks I’d leave us with Pinto, Howson and Pritchard in the 1st team and a few more bench-warmers.

Should make for an interesting summer.

What’s your thoughts?

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  • The issue of playing personnel started back since the Hughton days. Starting eleven started not because of ability or form, but manager’s preference and so called ‘loyalty’ or ‘reputation’. Under Paul Lambert, players earned their right for a starting place, and there were no favourites, and Lambert don’t care about reputation. Alex Neil made it worst and even offered big contracts to the likes of Jerome, Whittaker, Martin, and Naismith. Just hope that Webber is capable of clearing out the deadwood…

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