Date: 28th December 2018 at 9:50am
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I just wanted to write up a few thoughts on how brilliant Max Aarons has been and that the mistake he made on Boxing Day was just a natural blip on the road to the experienced world class defender we all hope he will become.

It’s still almost unfathomable to think that he has only been playing first-team football since September. The way that Max, and let’s not forget that he is only eighteen (albeit he’s going to be nineteen on the 4th January), has gone about the task of becoming Norwich City’s first choice right-back has been extraordinary.

I thought that Jamal Lewis was a good young prospect but in my own mind, I consider Max to be the better player. That’s no slight on Jamal by the way, who is a top young prospect, it’s just my own observations.

Young players will make mistakes, it’s natural and to be expected and the way that his teammates reacted to him being dispossessed by Matty Cash on Wednesday was exemplary.

The back four all came over and gave him their support. I obviously don’t know what they said but you could see by everyone’s body language that it was only supportive.

In particular, to see Jamal and Ben Godfrey, two young Canaries also learning their trade, support him was great.

It wasn’t a horrendous error in the context of how Max plays the game, and yes, I am aware it led to a goal.

How many times have we seen him do similar things in previous games? Keeping cool under pressure and playing his way out of trouble rather than just hoofing it?

Jamal Lewis is the same and it’s clearly something to do with the coaching. At any rate, I doubt that anyone had a go at him after the game for doing it.

This lad is scoring goals, creating assists and attracting Premier League attention, unfortunately. That though is the result of being a good player. If you’re not linked with top clubs then you’re not a top player, it’s the way of the football world.

He can play on either flank and looked very accomplished with his left foot when he was asked to play at left full-back in the late changes of formation against Bristol City and Forest.

Contrast the support Max got from the crowd too, with the moans and groans that James Husband would’ve got in a similar position last season. The fans know he’s young and have accepted (finally) what Daniel Farke is trying to do and that’s why people aren’t moaning.

I wonder if Josh or Jacob Murphy were still in the squad if they would be getting the same level of backing? I’d like to think so, now that the crowd finally seem to get it.

So, I’ve got no issue with Max trying to play his way out of trouble but there is a time to just launch it. It’s a learning curve and he’s getting there. The fact that “we” are supporting him as he learns the game is the sign of acceptance of a player and an acceptance of the coaching regime he is playing under.

The fact that coaching regime is currently winning games is no doubt smoothing that path for some of the “less knowledgeable” I sit near…


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