Date: 13th July 2018 at 7:43am
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Norwich City’s 2-0 pre-season win over Crawley, in a behind closed doors match played over 120 minutes and split into four 30 minute quarters, at Colney on Thursday afternoon has got me thinking.

Last season, our first XI was pretty much picking itself and we all knew, within a player or two, who we would pick on any given game day, if we were in Daniel Farke’s position.

Looking at the pre-season games so far, I’m thinking ahead and wondering who will play where and how often?

Compared to last season, the options at Farke’s disposal look as though they have been greatly increased and improved.

For example, we’ve suddenly gone from having only two strikers in Srbeny and Oliveira to double that amount with the arrivals of Pukki and Rhodes.

In midfield, the wealth of options is truly mind boggling. When you consider that we now have Leitner, Tettey, Godfrey, Trybull, McLean, Vrancic, Marshall, Buendia, Hernandez, Wildschut and Cantwell (phew), Farke has plenty of decisions to make about who starts, but for the first time in a while, we have real strength in depth. That goes for the defence too.

The trick though will be keeping all these players happy if they’re not playing and buying into the “squad mentality,” which means offering support at all times, whether they’re playing or not. It takes a certain type of character to do that and if I was a coach, they are the sort of blokes I’d want working for me.

The most obvious and public example of a player who doesn’t appear to fit that mould would be Nelson Oliveira and his future is, I would say, a little uncertain after the arrival of Jordan Rhodes, as competition for the title of the big name striker.

Nelson hasn’t been seen in any of these pre-season games yet and I’ve not seen much written about that. Maybe I’ve missed it and there is a genuine reason for his absence, injured perhaps? It wouldn’t be the first time.

There are, naturally, a few of these players who could go out on loan. Cantwell, Arrons, Wildschut and Godfrey are all candidates and the three younger lads will be looking to make a big impact on the gaffer over the next few weeks.

Next up is a week long trip to Germany with three more friendly games against Paderborn, Union Berlin and Wolfsburg. No doubt Farke will learn more in that time and it’ll be interesting to see if Nelson appears as well.

Its all good though, isn’t it? I’m feeling like we now have a half decent squad. The proof will be in the pudding but so far, so good.



5 Replies to “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions For Daniel Farke”

  • Did you forget Thompson in midfield, if so smack botty time as he apparently had a great game and scored a goal just a few days a go?. Perhaps you are like me with a fading memory.

  • Yes dont forget Thompson, he was showing great promise, up until he picked up his injury. should 100% be in our top 25, also Godfrey, they both have what it takes, for the championship, Thompson just needs a few more weeks, as he has been out a very long time, we will lose both if we send them out on loan, we want them showing their potential playing for Norwich City.

  • Also, add Stiepermann to that list as he is a midfielder and looked better in his natural role as a left-sided central midfielder.

  • Nelson, according to the EDP (quoted from Farke), came back to pre-season later than the others. Who knows why?

  • My bad, chaps. Overlooked Thompson and had Marco Stiepermann down as a defender(ish). Thompson has such a lot of promise but will probably fancy getting his fitness back to a level he’s comfortable with and feels confident enough to trust his body fully again. That might mean a six month loan, perhaps?

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