Date: 13th July 2011 at 3:03pm
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THE FUTURE’S BLEAK is more than happy to fork out out £50 for a ticket to watch the Canaries in the Premier League.

So we’ve now seen our first ticket prices for the coming season. And I can’t say I’m surprised.

Scores are scotching at the idea of paying £50 to visit Stamford Bridge though – heck, they’ve got to pay the bills somehow. Imagine if (when?) we’re an established side, we’ll be looking back thinking ‘I remember way back when…’

Sure, we’re used to paying nearly half that but how it has come as a surprise I don’t quite know. Anyone would think we’ve gone up a league and into what’s oft-thought of as ‘The Best In The World’.

It’s not every league you get to play Wigan one week and then Stoke the next. No Sir-ee.

We should all be happy and willing to pay whatever we’re required. The hard work put in has been worth our pennies, that’s for sure. If someone can explain how we can complain, then still expect our club to stay up when people have stopped pumping money through the turnstiles, then I – along with many others – will be all ears.

But luckily we’ll be able to see many games from the comfort of the refurbed Coach and Horses now that Sky and co have stuck their oar in. Just the fixture list this time, thankfully.

For all the problems it’s caused some of us, there are many, many more who will see the positives of this little intervention. Not least those up in arms of the preceding matter I would imagine.

But again, it’s not like it will affect us too much. No doubt the next round of TV fixtures released will include the odd match against one of the top four and not a lot else from Carra – and our trip to Molineux won’t exactly be on their wish list.

So we’ll be able to go about our business, having to actually pay top prices. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I signed up for.

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13 Replies to “I’m happy to pay top-dollar, are you?”

  • There is no choice but to pay the away ticket prices but the money is not going into our coffers.
    Just getting a ticket may be an achievement anyway so it will probably be the case of the same financial outlay and less awat games to go to.
    I just hope it is not the plastic fans starting to go who were not anywhere to be seen during the crap times.

  • I could not disagree more. Fifty pounds is nearly a quarter of a forty hour week on national minimum wage. To take a family almost equates to a week at pontins. I am devoid of sympathy for any club that engages in the abhorent circus that constitutes the transfer and wages system. Not that the greed driven lunacy is a new phenomina. Gridiron was similarly gripped. True competition was stiffled with the richest teams buying players just to prevent them being aquired by rivals. Sound familier? The American experience saw the inroduction of the draft and interest soared as teams meet on a new level playing field. That totally different ball game had become a totally different ball game so to speak. . . . . . .

  • . . . . . . . Lets get something straight. Dispite Bill Shankleys long past comment football is not more important than life and death. Its about 22 blokes kicking an inflated pigs bladder. Then falling to the ground and rolling around for no apparent reason. More often than not twenty quid seems more than extortionate for the mediocher fare presented. Its all very well suggerting that fans should expect higher prices. But do we really want the premiereship to become the preserve of economically priviledged fly by night followers at the expence of the stalwarts who visited Hartlepool Exeter and Yeovil?

  • Brilliant comment Clwyd. I am one of those on very low wages , and there are many games I simply cannot afford to go to in the Prem .After all my efforts in getting to Yeovil , Swindon and Bristol Rovers, I have cheered and shouted myself out of being able to afford thses crazy prices

  • working-class opera… no more matey…
    I’m as pleased as anyone to see Norwich back in the premiership, but as a fan who did indeed go to see the boyz play at Exeter & Yeovil, I too feel agrieved that getting to see my side play away on an ad-hoc casual basis is now virtually impossible because the tickets will now be snapped up by those higher on the ticket hierarchy (of which I’m apparently at the bottom / no chance!), and essentially by those who can afford it… there is simple no way I can afford / justify going to see a game of football when the combined ticket and travel and related costs will be in excess of £100 (although I know many others do)…
    In short, I haver never agreed with the spiralling costs of football players’ transfer fees and related wages, and although I’m not nieve to concepts like inflation I’m convinced the rise in prices is well out-stripping rises (or in my case, no rise) in wages… and buying food, keeping a car running, and keeping a roof over my family’s head is more important than football… shocker!
    So in answer to your question… NO, I’m not happy to pay top dollar, and I probably won’t get the chance anyway… if that makes me an armchair supporter then so be it… but I am a loyal one… at least now I can watch a few live matches in the pub…!

  • …and on that subject, the price of ale… don’t even start me on that one….!!!

  • Ah yes the price of ale. A subject close to many a heart. Strangely not one as divorced from the point in question as first may seem. An industry dominated by international brewing concerns intent on bleeding every stone in Snowdonia of its final drop of moisture. Not that much of their turnover goes on remuneration I grant you. A multi salary pound salary to Tottal Wastaspass the Azbekistan U9 international and domestic youth tiddleywink champion. (No he hasnt had many first team opportunites but oh he is a scream in the dressing room. The lads just love his elephant impression. When he pulls out his pockets. . . . . . ) Paula Pale 19 unmarried mother of 7 and part time barmaid meanwhile is slightly less fortuatous. . . . . . . .

  • . . . . Paula grosses just 118 pounds a week for the twenty hours she spends on her feet. Perhaps not the quickest any more but still able to cover the ground as demand dictates. Ok its fair to say that her legs dont compare to most in the premiereship but when she bends to casually remove some offending object from the floor thighs are the last thing on your mind. Who then provides the best entertainment? Who then provides the best value for money? . . . . . . . . Of course Paula wins hands down every time. The sweat the toil the willingness to please the anticipation of the other two reasons. A performance indeed oozing honest endevour. Give me that any day over the double tuck twin pike bilateral diagonal one and a half turn smile for the camara swallow dives that will soon once again grace our screens. And if I truely wanted to learn how to swear and blasphem in Serbian Spanish and Swaheli my chosen vehical would be Linguphone. . . . . .

  • . . . . . . . So as things stand its Barmaids 1 v 0 Prem Primas. . . . And Pale has been putting herself about like a vetran in the last chance saloon. Its little suprise that she was the one to pop up at the right time in ideal position and stretch out a leg to poke one home. Will she score again in the second half? I wouldnt be suprised! . . . . . . . Meanwhile and Ill be damned Ive just realised she sells beer here too. And wow sport on the giant screen. Under water flower arranging live from Stanford Bridge.

  • And may I take this opportunity to restate that I am not a former investigative refuge sifter for the NoTW The time it took for me to shread nine cabinates of paper three hard drives a blackberry tourch and a second class cheap day return to Crewe in no way obstructed police efforts to gain entry and prove otherwise.

  • I totally agree…with those that disagree. I simply will not pay £50 to and watch a football game. On principle, that is far too much to pay. I am proud to pull on the yellow shirt no matter which ground I am stood at, Yeovil away, Walsall away, Tranmere and have done many more over the years. I am equally as proud to stand at Wigan and cheer on the boys on, makes no difference to me, sod chelsea and whoever else wants to charge rediculous money, I simply won’t pay it and can’t afford to pay it.

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