Date: 4th October 2012 at 11:39pm
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It has emerged that Paul Lambert is suing Norwich City for up to £2m…

When Paul lambert left Norwich City he made a rather cryptic quote –
‘I will always be proud of what we have done as a group – it is a part of my life that will stay with me and I will never forget it.

‘I have nothing but praise for Norwich. The fanbase was always pivotal to what happened.

‘I had my reasons [for leaving], which will probably remain private and I don’t want to keep going back to that.’

But it seems that those reasons which would ‘probably remain private’ are now about to appear in the open.

At a Fans Forum at Carrow Road on Thursday evening, Norwich City Chairman, Alan Bowkett told around 130 supporters that Lambert is suing the club for around £1.5m – £2m.

At this stage it is not known exactly what for, other than “Breach of contract” – or even if he is actually entitled to it. No doubt it will all come out in the wash.

It seems that the acrimonious end to Paul Lambert’s tenure as City manager is about to become even more so.

Neither Lambert or Aston Villa have made any comment at this stage.

I guess that the upcoming meeting at Villa Park later this month will now be even tastier…


6 Replies to “‘Lambert Sues City For Up To £2m’”

  • So to put it another way he wants 80 quid each from each and every member of that “pivitol fanbase.”
    Well we knew in the way he joined us that Lambert was a creature devoid of honour. This was re-emphasised in the way he left.
    Absolute scum!!!!
    There is so much more i could say. But dont want to give it the chance of suing for my prized collection of frayed string and twiced used 2nd class postage stamps.

  • Why would a chairman of a club who look dead in trouble, with a new manager who’s struggling chose to bring this up at a fans forum? Anybody sense an attempt to deflect attention? As said in the article it will all come out in the wash – he may be entitled to some compensation due to mismanagement from the Norwich board, he may not but to call him ‘absolute scum’ before any facts are known is ridiculous.

  • 3 promotions in a row would be priceless especially as the last one would involve promotion from premier league !

    According to google, jumpship has said that Norwich have not released news that they are sueing him.Once again he hints again at Norwich fans not hnowing the truth. Well tell it then !!!

    It is very unpleasant and maybe we do not know both sides BUT
    it seems to follow jumpship around.

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