Date: 6th April 2018 at 7:31am
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Once again, Norwich City have announced that there has been a take up of over 20,000 season tickets but for the first time since relegation to League One, season tickets are actually available to buy, as reported this morning by the EDP

There has been a cap of around 22,000 season tickets in recent years and a waiting list has been in operation for those wanting a regular seat at Carrow Road. I know from friends who have been on the list over the last few years that if you paid your refundable £50 deposit then the chances are that you`d be on the list for a year or so before getting to the top.

However, it now seems that if you`re not on the list and suddenly fancy a ticket then you could walk into the ticket office today and buy one over the counter.

After the last couple of seasons, it`s obvious that there would be a decline in regular numbers with Twitter being awash with people “threatening” to not renew and especially after the turgid offerings we have had to watch this term.

As I alluded to last week, around me there is plenty of loud, constant moaning going on which is doing my head in and I assume it`s similar in other parts of the ground. I should also point out that just because I don`t talk constantly throughout the game about how bad every single sideways pass is and I don`t deride every decision made, that I am happy with what I`m seeing, because I`m not.

We have to hope that what we are seeing on the pitch improves next season and I know many of you feel that it won`t. I don`t apologise for being optimistic but as I hope you also know, I am a realist and will call it if it doesn`t start at a gallop next August.

What we see on the pitch and what happens in the ticket office are connected, obviously, and that`s why our old mates at Portman Road are suffering with low attendances (shame). If Norwich City do not want to be in the same boat then things need to drastically improve because I don`t think that the blood pressure of some of those around me could take another season like 2017/18.

If you`re in the market and want to see what we`ve been on about then get yourself down to the ticket office and take the plunge.


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