Date: 1st February 2013 at 11:59am
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Savvy takes a look at the different views on the clubs transfer policy on deadline day…

Deadline Day: It`s like a cross between Christmas Day and Halloween. On the one hand each and every fan is hoping for a wonder-signing, a marquee player who will make the difference and bring the club untold glory`s. On the other hand (unless you`re a Citeh fan), fans are extremely anxious on the impending horror of any briefcase-busting bid from a club considerably richer than thou.

Whatever does happen, it`s great entertainment. There`s always a Peter Odemwingie – a fall guy for whom a promised move doesn`t materialise, there`s always Harry Redknapp leaning out of his window, and there`s always TV crews, journalists and tweeters trying to create drama where there is none. These days, everybody`s at it. With live feeds and Twitter updates, hardly anything comes as a surprise anymore and hardly anyone waits for the painfully slow official announcements.

So, when David McNally chose to put fans out of their misery at just after 10pm we knew that was indeed that. Opinions on the club`s success or failure in the window seem divided. There`s the school of thought that we need to stop thinking with a small club mentality, we need to push the boat out and show a statement of intent. Stoke, Fulham, Southampton and even Reading seem to have more money than us – “why don`t we just pay Celtic £10m for Hooper if that`s what they want,” they say. As a caller on Canary Call on Wednesday said, “Bassong is good, but we need a team of Bassong`s. We need to buy a new defence and at least one striker as well as Kamara.” Those in this camp are convinced we are now going down, they see QPR spending £12m and £100k per week on Christopher Samba and think that`s what we should do too. They remember Robert Chase and his unwillingness to invest in the squad and feel that we`re going the same way again… 10 years in the wilderness.

I beg to differ, and here`s why.

When the current Directors took on the club in the disarray of that summer in 2009, the precarious position caused a certain amount of hyperfocus (if only George Boyd had this ability) amongst the Suits at Carrow Road. They very quickly agreed a plan, appointed a superb manager and then ensured the clubs survival by negotiating new terms with the external debtors. As Mick Dennis said on Talksport last night,

“At that point no one thought that success on this scale was possible.

“They agreed to pay back all of the external debt if the club was in the Premier League for two seasons. This must have seemed a generation away back then, but now the club is obliged to honour that deal if, as we expect, they are a Premier League club on May 31st 2013.”

According to Mick, if the club had purchased Gary Hooper, “it would have been very tight”. So, that extra 1 or 2 million that would have secured Hooper may not seem very much but in the grand scheme of things it was incredibly important that the club thought with its head and not its heart even if everyone else was getting a little drunk on the intoxicating drama of Jan 31st.

Luciano Becchio is better than Steve Morison. He`s a better finisher and has a better attitude, he can also play up front with Holt. We`ve kept everybody else (and I dare say there were a few bids rebuffed), and we`ve also added Lee Camp and Kei Kamara. Like most, I wanted it to work out for Morison but frankly it hasn`t. So we`ve lost nothing and gained two strikers and an experienced goalkeeper.

I`ll take that over a QPR, Portsmouth or Leeds United approach anytime.



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  • I totally disagree.
    If you start quoting the objectionable and embarrassing Mick Dennis then you are going in completely the wrong direction.

    I have started a thread which questions the tactics of the board and not the lack of spending. We probably all agree that £ 10 million was too much for Hooper but my guess was it never got anywhere near that figure and Celtic were never going to sell yesterday anyway. I found the whole episode a total embarrassment to our club and not at all entertaining. We will have been a laughing stock to all other teams around us in the league. Whilst we continued to make offers for a player that was never going to come here on 31 st January most other teams were actually buying in good players for much less money.

    Nobody expects us to challenge the likes to qpr in the transfer market and the board would not consider putting us in financial trouble. All we wanted were a couple of better players to lift the spirits but instead we have raised expectations and then dropped back behind our fellow lower table competitors.

    I cannot be fooled by having a more experienced keeper sitting on bench until Ruddy comes back and then will not even get to be in match day squad, a striker who may be better than one with a dreadful attitude and a winger who is still not available to play,
    coming into the squad and saying it is adequate to turn around our form. We will see what happens tomorrow lunchtime. I will be there to see the team run onto the pitch and expect it to be the same players as pre – window !

  • Savvy, I don’t disagree with you at all. Everyone knows that buying players in January is very difficult. Buying strikers is even harder unless you are going to pay mega money and it isn’t just the fee, the salary can be just as crippling. If a striker is on fire then his club won’t let him go cheap – stands to reason.
    We are not an embarrassment – look at QPR for that, but I suppose they have to try something. Becchio is a better striker and has been in form than Steve Morison so we are better off. Kane is not good enough yet and Jackson is a bit part player at best. You only have to look at the Spurs game to see that are team have not become rubbish over night.
    I know that City are looking to extend the ground if we stay up this season so it is vitally important to keep in the PL.
    The Hooper saga was ultimately fruitless and we’ll have a better chance of getting our marquee striker in the summer, whoever that may be. We should have had that striker last summer anyway.
    The window was not a total disaster and I always try to look on things positively. Let’s see what Becchio and Kamara can bring before we get too down hearted eh?

  • The discussion here is not really about whether we should have paid over the odds for a good striker because we all agree that that would have been unwise.
    The whole point as Tuckster has indicated is that we should have brought in a striker in the summer. CH had time to sort it out.
    He decided he wanted to extend Holt’s contract to keep him
    but soon worked out that vaughan and martin were not required.
    Whilst he was collecting midfielders like they were going out of fashion ( tactics now see why ) he allowed 2 strikers to go and retained only 3 of which he has now got rid of 1 as he has realised it was just not working for him here. He did not even appear to be interested in a striker and was happy to go with 3 of which he did not have any faith in 1 and did a last minute panic in loaning Kane.
    Nobody could have forecast the disaster of that move BUT if it had worked out we were just acting as a feeder for spurs anyway.

    I would suggest the window was a disaster. We did play well in first half against spurs as we did against wigan and sunderland BUT as we were unable to finish them off in first half through lack of a decent second striker we nearly only drew those games too.

    Do not underestimate the poor position we are in. We have played all the top 6 clubs at home already leaving us with a theoretical easier run in for remainder of home games BUT fulham, southampton, reading and even viler have better strike forces than us and will be fighting for their lives.

    I am afraid that we may be regretting not having a good striker brought in this season.

  • DG – totally agree that we needed a striker in the summer, and that we didn’t need Harry Kane. The point here is that we simply aren’t able to go and get ourselves involved in an auction and risk the future of the club. I’m as upset as anyone when we lose 5-0 to Liverpool or 1-0 to Luton but the window’s closed, we’re better off than we were before it and we’re not going to go bust. For that fact alone, I’m happy (ish). [Edited by Savvy_Monkey] [Edited by Savvy_Monkey]

  • PS I’d prefer if we kept our business quieter but Hughton seems very open to questions on it. [Edited by Savvy_Monkey] [Edited by Savvy_Monkey]

  • My thread about the board getting tactics wrong explains all my thoughts on the matter. We cannot do a qpr and I am happy that we are not them BUT why leave the offer so late when the striker would not move and rule out other options ? We may have a marginal improvement in the quad but my point is that others have improved much more with first team players leaving us worse off in comparison.

  • Agreed savvy. CH answers questions that would have sent Jumpship into a rage. He is far too open which makes him look very bad sometimes. For example defending not going 2 up top at liverpool to try to get us back into game and using fulham as an example as what could have gone wrong and then realising it was the same 5 0 thrashing anyway.

  • Savvy One minor point re the external debt, it has to be repaid in May 2013 come what may as the original condition of survival in the PL for one season was met. Had we been relegated last season then the full repayment of the debt would have been deferred to May 2016.

  • My opinion remains the same . We should FIRST AND FOREMOST remain in the Premier League . That should always be the guiding principle . Clearly the Club made a huge mistake in not buying the striker we fans called for in the summer . It was this that lead to last nights farce. Even in that we we wrong ! The highest bid that we could comfortably afford should have gone in on Jan 1st and not Jan 31st . We would have known then that the Hooper deal wasnt on and would have had time to look elsewhere .

    A s for the Becchio signing , yes he is better than Morison (we hope) but overall we have not developed the squad since the summer transfer window closed . This is a ruthless league and you have to keep moving and driving forwards to survive in it . I like Becchio and I hope he is a fabulous success , but its hardly the signing for the future .

    as we near the end of our second season in the Prem , there is no guarantee that we will stay there . Yes we better than of late ,,but that wasnt hard to do . Think relegation wont happen ? Well , thats what I thought at Wembley in Feb 1985 when we were comfortable in mid table ? I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED ! If we go down , then the financial consequences of not investing in the squad will outweigh by a massive amount the money we may have spent on Hooper

  • Savvy One minor point re the external debt, it has to be repaid in May 2013 come what may as the original condition of survival in the PL for one season was met. Had we been relegated last season then the full repayment of the debt would have been deferred to May 2016.

  • Gazza – I understand that the condition was we have to pay back after 2 years in the Prem – think it states this in the Accounts. If we go down, we don’t have to pay it back is my understanding.

  • I would have thought that we will know if we are safe by 13 May and then will have all the riches of the improved tv deals anyway.
    If we have gone down ( unlikely if adding a good striker ) a lot of players would push off anyway raising enough cash to pay off the loan ( assuming it was required if then a championship club )
    I still find it hard to believe we could not afford £ 5 million for a decent striker.

  • Considering our initial bid for Hooper was £5m, and we upped our bid 2 or 3 times more… I don’t get what you’re trying to say? It wasn’t that we can’t afford £5m, it’s that we’re not prepared to gamble on our future by paying over the odds. Bearing in mind you all seem to want a big name, who do you think we could have signed for £5m?

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