Did Ed Balls Give Alex Neil a ‘Secret’ £2m Deal?

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News has just broken via The Sun that Alex Neil apparently has a rather lucrative clause in his contract…

The Sun

newspaper have reported on their back page tonight that Ed balls negotiated a ‘secret’ £2 million deal with Alex Neil in the summer. This means if the club sack him they will have to pay him the tidy sum of the aforementioned £2 million. If this is true it would make the club even more of a laughing stock than it already is.

This would tie in with why the club haven’t sacked the beleaguered Alex Neil yet and IF this story is true this would cause outrage with the Norwich fans at the chairman Ed Balls. Things being as bad as they are already this will just add more fuel to fire with Norwich fans who are already angry, disappointed and let down by the Board with the team’s awful form since the end of September, and the perceived lack of action.

Who knows if this is true – and if it is, then it would likely be the whole Board that would have to approve a deal rather than the decision just being Ed’s alone. The Sun’s article does allege that it was a ‘secret’ deal though. However, whoever has agreed to the alleged deal would have some serious explaining to do – but more importantly if this is the reason he has not been sacked, then that is more of an issue. It always costs money to sack a manager and usually costs to bring one in. We have virtually no chance of being promoted with Neil at the helm, surely it would be worth a £2m punt to get someone like Gary Rowett in for ‘free’?

Makes you wonder what is next? Can Norwich afford the alleged £2m to sack him? Who approved the deal and why? Is this the reason they wont pull the trigger? These are all questions Norwich fans want answers to. Makes for a likely toxic atmosphere at home on Monday.

Of course, we expect the club to explain that this is completely fabricated story in the morning!

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